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INHALER (rsd 21)

real gone music

Record Store Day 2021 - tan with black & red swirl "mutt mix" lp (3000 only)

Released: 17th Jul 2021


Grunge metal greatness! This 1993 record marked Tad's major label debut (on the Giant imprint), and for it the band brought in Dinosaur Jr.

's J Mascis to produce. The result was a more focused album than Tad's previous outings, laced with piledriver riffs 'n' hooks and some wicked humor, even as the band grappled with such disturbing topics as Ted Bundy and child abduction. The band toured with Soundgarden behind this record; though that didn't lead to the hoped-for commercial breakthrough, it did cement Inhaler's status as the go-to record in Tad's catalog.

INHALER (rsd 21)


  1. Grease Box
  2. Throat Locust
  3. Leafy Incline
  4. Luminol
  5. Ulcer
  6. Lycanthrope
  7. Just Bought the Farm
  8. Rotor
  9. Paregoric
  10. Pansy
  11. Gouge