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Amon Tobin


Ninja Tune


Released: 23rd May 2011



Released: 23rd May 2011


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amon tobin returns with a bold yet beautiful record for ninja tune that ranks as one of his best yet.

this is a sound-design nerd’s dream, containing as it does some utterly brain-frying sounds & genius production. tobin seems to take futuristic sound effects from some hollywood blockbuster, probably about giant robots with laser-firing eyes tearing each other to pieces, before twisting & shaping them into intense & cinematic slabs of electronic wonderment. that said, it’s still super melodic & accessible, winding up at a wonderful meeting point between sound art & electronic music. absolutely mind-blowing & highly recommended, tobin is truly one of the finest working sound designers in the world right now. “curious, seductive beauty” – nme, “a quantum leap into unknown territory” – the wire, “his subtle genius places him forever one step ahead of the listener & several light years in front of his contemporaries” – uncut.