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The Bevis Frond

Little Eden

fire records

Limited Blue 2LP in gatefold sleeve + download

Released: 10th Sep 2021



Released: 10th Sep 2021


A psychedelically-hewn panoramic take on brutalism Britain punctuated with pure pop melodies and beautifully-observed English melancholy.

This is an album that rekindles your love of music – from the harmonies that are oh-so Teenage Fanclub and Lemonheads, to the grunge and awe of Dinosaur Jr. There’s perspective and retrospective tale-spinning where we wait “for the wonderful world to come” (©‘Start Burning’), an imaginary future soundtracked by the spirit of Arthur Lee, brought into focus with witty wordplay on songs that are littered with spine tingling guitar breaks. A brand new album from national treasures The Bevis Frond.

Little Eden


  1. Everyone Rise
  2. And Away We Go
  3. Brain Fatigue
  4. You Owe Me
  5. They Will Return
  6. Find The Mole
  7. Do Without me
  8. Hold Your Horses
  9. The Man In The Garden
  10. As I Lay Down To Die
  11. Cherry Gardens
  12. Numb In the Head
  13. There's Always Love
  14. Little Eden
  15. Here Come the Flies
  16. Pasted All Over
  17. Start Burning
  18. My Own Hollywood
  19. Never Knew What Hit Me
  20. Dreams of Flying