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Karen Peris (The innocence mission)

A Song Is Way Above The Lawn

bella union

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Released: 8th Oct 2021



Released: 8th Oct 2021


This delightful family affair – the whole Peris troupe contribute in one way or other - is a misty-eyed nugget of chamber pop gold.

Written over a period of seven years, these songs make an especially melodic collection of beautifully rendered moments that will resonate with both children and adults. They offer a joy that is often poignant, thanks in part to Peris’ voice and poetry, and to the emotional, sometimes cinematic nature of the piano, central to the album’s sound. Her other instrumentation, chamber-like, with pump organ, accordion, and melodica, along with occasional nylon string and electric guitars, is spacious, allowing room for the listener’s own imagination. With the help of her husband Don Peris, who plays drum kit and upright bass, and their son and daughter, who contribute violin and viola to three songs, she has made a timeless album that has a rare and particular atmosphere of its own.

A Song Is Way Above The Lawn


  1. Superhero
  2. To the Library
  3. I Would Sing Along
  4. For a Giraffe
  5. This is a Song in Wintertime
  6. Map for the Orange Daylight
  7. Sister Birds
  8. George in the Car
  9. A Song is Way Above the Lawn
  10. Flowers