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180g audiophile 12" + bonus cd and photobook

Released: 3rd Sep 2021


25 years of Lou Cifer & The Hellions ‐ from all over Europe and England fans and friends came to Oberhausen, Germany, to celebrate the event.

When the band played the live show on the occasion of their anniversary, none of the Teds, Rockers and Rockabillies knew that this would be one of the last concerts of the Rock & Roll scene before a nasty plague hit the world with all its force. After that nothing went on for a long time. For many this evening remains unforgettable. It's just wonderful that this fabulous live performance is now available on LP and CD. Some claim that Lou Cifer and the Hellions are actually a live band, or that the songs at least develop a very unique dynamic when played in front of an enthusiastic audience. Time and again, private live footage of the band's performances is in circulation. This is usually done with good intentions, but often the recordings reveal a questionable quality. The live recorded tracks were professionally processed, carefully mixed and mastered afterwards. Hence, we can now release these tracks in exceptionally good quality. The boys' joy of playing was well captured. But not at least , a show lives from the audience, and that comes across very well on these songs, too. The particular club atmosphere in the Druckluft'is also evidenced by the ambient photos in the booklet



  1. Introduction (12" track)
  2. Blood On The Cats (12" track)
  3. Fake Plastic R 'n' R (12" track)
  4. Cut My Heart Out (12" track)
  5. Tit For Tat (12" track)
  6. Shake Your Chassis (12" track)
  7. Dance With The Devil (12" track)
  8. Where The Teds Go (12" track)
  9. I'm Gonna Do It Tomorrow (12" track)
  10. Problem Child (12" track)
  11. Hellion Bop (12" track)
  12. Do You Believe (12" track)
  13. Introduction
  14. Blood On The Cats
  15. Fake Plastic R 'n' R
  16. Dare Devils
  17. Glad To Be A Ted
  18. Cut My Heart Out
  19. Tit For Tat
  20. I've Got A Gun Now
  21. Down, Out And Restless
  22. Hey Mr. Judge
  23. Now You Do
  24. Shake Your Chassis
  25. Dance With The Devil
  26. Rock 'n' Roll In My Head
  27. Proper Daddy
  28. Where The Teds Go
  29. I'm Gonna Do It Tomorrow
  30. It's Gotta Be A Ted
  31. Problem Child
  32. Dance Of The Teddy Boy
  33. Revelation
  34. Hellion Bop
  35. Teddy Boys Prayer
  36. Do You Believe