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Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

Wolfroy Goes To Town



Released: 3rd Oct 2011


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Released: 3rd Oct 2011


will oldham continues the mellow-mystic trajectory that blossomed on last year’s ‘the wonder show of the world’ with the cairo gang.

emmet kelly, the cairo gang himself, returns on rootsy lead guitar but his vocal duties are mostly transferred to angel olsen, whose earthy, tremulous singing complements the richly recorded vocals of the bonnie prince. olsen also pulls off some stunning solo spots, as on the bridge of jaunty single ‘quail & dumplings’, but it is oldham’s voice that anchors this beautiful album, sometimes descending to the hushed, cracking tones of ‘master & everyone’  & at others soaring to the country-soul peaks he traversed on ‘lie down in the light’. storytelling, parables, eccentric, elliptical rhyme-fests & head-on confrontations with loss are all integrated into a colourfully intimate atmosphere. recorded by shahzad ismaily in a warm, homely fashion, the songs rise & fall in volume like in those older days.

Wolfroy Goes To Town