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Bleed Like Me (2024 Reissue)

limited deluxe remastered red 2lp with previously unreleased exclusive B-Sides and Remixes in gatefold sleeve (first time on vinyl!) - £32.99 | Buy
limited remastered silver lp (first time on vinyl!) - £25.99 | Buy

deluxe remastered 2cd with previously unreleased exclusive B-Sides and Remixes - £16.99 | Buy
A fully remastered edition of the highly influential Los Angeles quartet's classic 2005 album, ‘Bleed Like Me’.

Version 2.0 (national album day 2023)

Limited Transparent Blue 2LP - 1 per customer - £31.99 | Buy
Described by TIME Magazine as “gloomy and sexual yet lively and introspective”, Garbage’s second studio album Version 2.


limited transparent yellow 2lp - £32.99 £28.99 | Buy
Two LP best of collection including all the hits and classic album tracks from the bands 1993 breakthrough album Garbage to their recent 2021 release No Gods No...

Garbage (Remastered Edition)

180g 2lp - £26.99 | Buy
Originally released in 1995, Garbage’s self-titled debut album was met with critical acclaim upon its release.
Beautiful Garbage (20th Anniversary)
  1. Shut Your Mouth
  2. Androgyny
  3. Can't Cry These Tears
  4. Till the Day I Die
  5. Cup of Coffee
  6. Silence Is Golden
  7. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)
  8. Breaking Up the Girl
  9. Drive You Home
  10. Parade
  11. Nobody Loves You
  12. Untouchable
  13. So Like a Rose
  14. Candy Says
  15. Use Me
  16. Sex Never Goes Out of Fashion
  17. Begging Bone
  18. April 10th
  19. Happiness, Pt. 2
  20. Confidence
  21. Enough Is Never Enough
  22. Wild Horses (BBC Recovered) ( Live)
  23. I'm Really Into Techno


Beautiful Garbage (20th Anniversary)

  • White 2LP

    Released: 5th Nov 2021

  • 2LP

    Released: 5th Nov 2021

  • Deluxe 3CD

    Released: 5th Nov 2021


Marking a departure from the sound the band had established on their first two releases, the album was written and recorded over the course of a year, and expanded on the band's musical variety, with stronger melodies, more direct lyrics, and sounds mixing rock with electronica, new wave, hip hop, and girl groups.

Beautiful Garbage is the third studio album from Garbage, initially released on October 1, 2001. This brand new edition featuring newly remastered audio by Billy Bush & Butch Vig.