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The Black Seeds

Keep On Pushing (Anniversary Edition)

Proville Records


Released: 12th Nov 2021


In 1998, The Black Seeds formed their roots in Wellington - a creative, 90s rock based community that was embraced by the sounds of the likes of Shihad, Fur Patrol and Weta.

2001 marked the beginning of the Welly Roots sound and the release of The Black Seeds - ‘Keep On Pushing’ - reaching platinum sales in New Zealand and shaping the funk, soul, Afrobeat and other eclectic elements over their dub/ reggae foundation. Keep On Pushing’s bold themes of love, optimism and solidarity has resonated with fans across the world, shaping them as the creative, vibrant 8 piece band they are today. “This album marked a change culturally as well as in sound, a south pacific take on soul, where we were proud of our multicultural heritage and our accents. It was a move away from DJ’s to a big band sound. It was the beginning of The Black Seeds as a party band, we wanted to create a funky feel good sound that embraced everyone who experienced it.” - Barnaby Weir, Lead singer and founding member

Keep On Pushing (Anniversary Edition)


  1. Dance Dance
  2. Keep On Pushing: Workshop Re-Dub
  3. Sit There
  4. Black Sunrise
  5. You Wait
  6. In Your Eyes: Fabulous Dub
  7. What We Need
  8. Little Atoms
  9. Hey Son
  10. Coming Back Home