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Danny & The Champions Of The World

Hearts & Arrows

Silva Screen


Released: 18th Jul 2011


danny wilson & his current bunch of champions return with a rousing rock ‘n’ roll record, tipping their collective hats to black flag (who are name-checked on ‘can’t hold back’) & bad brains, tom petty & bruce springsteen. ‘hearts & arrows’ is by far the rockingest waxing the champs have thus far delivered: you can hear it in the hopeful pulse of opener ‘ghosts in the wire’ & the purposeful, melodic hurtle of its chorus, the chiming riffs of the title track & its infectious call to freedom, the urgent gospel-y overtones of ‘you don’t know (my heart is in the right place)’. the album also harbours some of wilson’s trademark heartbreakers, ballads & laments; some of his best, in fact, as the potent mourn of ‘too tough to cry’ & his fair-minded, guralnick-inspired meditation upon elvis – ‘colonel & the king’ – prove. “danny wilson is turning into one of those artists whose work he has venerated – ryan adams, mark olson, bruce springsteen even” - the times, “he’s transformed his ramshackle acoustic troupe into a crackling rock band….a spirited, uplifting exercise in muscular melodic rock” – uncut.

Hearts & Arrows