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Ohio Players

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Auerbach and Carney kick out the jams and boost their blues rock with stomping elements of hip-hop, soul, and funk - if you want your bones a-rattling, get this...

Dropout Boogie

140g lp - £21.99 | Buy
this album captures a number of first takes that hark back to the stripped-down blues rock of their early days making music together in Akron, Ohio basements.

delta kream

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Pivoting away from the full throttle rock of their previous album, ‘delta kream’ primarily has eyes for old school blues rock, and this loosening of...

Brothers (Deluxe Remastered Anniversary Edition)

140g "high performance" 2lp - £38.99 | Buy
The Black Keys release Brothers (Deluxe Remastered Anniversary Edition), an expanded version of their watershed 2010 multi-platinum, Grammy-winning sixth studio...

Turn Blue

CD + poster - £12.99 | Buy
moving away from their traditional raw blues-rock style toward a looser, smoother sound influenced by psychedelic soul, the 8th full length album from Dan Auerb...
El Camino (10th Anniversary Edition)

Disc 1: El Camino (2021 Remaster)

Side A

  1. Lonely Boy        
  2. Dead and Gone
  3. Gold on the Ceiling              
  4. Little Black Submarines      
  5. Money Maker

Side B

  1. Run Right Back       
  2. Sister                        
  3. Hell of a Season     
  4. Stop Stop                 
  5. Nova Baby               
  6. Mind Eraser             


disc 2: Live in Portland, ME.

(Part 1)

Side C

  1. Howlin’ for You
  2. Next Girl
  3. Run Right Back
  4. Same Old Thing
  5. Dead and Gone

Side D

  1. Gold on the Ceiling
  2. Thickfreakness
  3. Girl Is on My Mind
  4. I'll Be Your Man / Your Touch
  5. Little Black Submarines


DISC 3: Live in Portland, ME.

(Part 2)

Side E

  1. Money Maker
  2. Strange Times         
  3. Chop and Change
  4. Nova Baby
  5. Ten Cent Pistol

Side F

  1. Tighten Up
  2. Lonely Boy
  3. Everlasting Light
  4. She’s Long Gone
  5. I Got Mine


DISC 4: BBC Session

Side A

  1. Howlin’ for You *     
  2. Next Girl *                 
  3. Gold on the Ceiling *                  
  4. Thickfreakness *     
  5. I’ll Be Your Man *    
  6. Your Touch *

Side B

  1. Little Black Submarines *          
  2. Dead and Gone *
  3. Tighten Up *
  4. Lonely Boy *
  5. I Got Mine *


DISC 5: Electro-Vox Session

Side A

  1. Dead and Gone *    
  2. Gold on the Ceiling *
  3. Howlin’ for You *     
  4. Lonely Boy *

Side B

  1. Money Maker *     
  2. Next Girl *
  3. Run Right Back * 
  4. Sister *
  5. Tighten Up *



* Super Deluxe Editions only



El Camino (10th Anniversary Edition)

  • limited super deluxe 5 x 140g high performance lp housed in numbered box w/ 100pp photobook + car-shaped air freshener + lithograph + poster

    Released: 5th Nov 2021

  • limited super deluxe 4cd housed in 60pp photobook

    Released: 3rd Dec 2021

  • 140g high performance 3lp in one of 3 randomly assigned sleeves (each one has a different colour car!)

    Released: 5th Nov 2021


the duo have really gone to town with the 10th anniversary celebration of their landmark 7th album.

El Camino was produced by Danger Mouse and The Black Keys and was recorded in the band’s then-new hometown of Nashville during the spring of 2011. The Black Keys won three awards at the 55th annual GRAMMY Awards for El Camino – Best Rock Performance, Best Rock Song, and Best Rock Album – among other worldwide accolades. In the UK, the band was nominated for a BRIT Award (Best International Group) and an NME Award (Best International Band). The week of release, the band performed on Saturday Night Live, The Colbert Report, and the Late Show with David Letterman, and later that year, went on to perform their first Madison Square Garden show. Rolling Stone, which featured the band on their cover around the release, hailed El Camino for bringing ‘raw, riffed-out power back to pop’s lexicon,’ and called it ‘the Keys’ grandest pop gesture yet, augmenting dark-hearted fuzz blasts with sleekly sexy choruses and Seventies-glam flair.’ The Guardian said, ‘They sound like a band who think they've made the year's best rock'n'roll album, probably because that's exactly what they've done.’ In the newly written liner notes for El Camino (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition), David Fricke says: The story of the Black Keys' seventh album, named after an automobile, long out of fashion and featured nowhere in the artwork, begins on a sidewalk in the middle of a blizzard. On the afternoon of January 9, 2011, singer-guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney stood on the pavement outside the Bowery Hotel in New York City, saw the weather turning vicious, looked at each other and came to the same decision: They had to get off the road. The night before, the duo scored another first in a season getting crowded with them: The Black Keys' debut appearance on Saturday Night Live, performing ‘Howlin' for You’ and ‘Tighten Up’, the breakout singles from their latest release, Brothers. Two days earlier, Brothers – the Keys' first Top 5 album, released in May 2010 – became their first Gold record, passing a half-million in sales thanks to heavy FM rotation and a near-year of gigging, now set to run deep into 2011 including a prestige slot at Coachella and victory laps in Europe and Australia. The Keys "tried to settle down" after cancelling the tour, Carney says. But that didn't last. "I said, 'We should just make another record.' And I asked Dan if we should get Danger Mouse" – the hip-hop and modern-rock producer, real name Brian Burton, who worked on the Keys' 2008 record, Attack & Release, and co-produced ‘Tighten Up’. Auerbach and Carney did not have any new songs, but as the drummer notes, "Most of our records – we don't have material when we start. Brothers was made up in the studio."