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gazelle twin

Welcome To The Blumhouse: Nocturne (Amazon Original Soundtrack)

Invada Records

limited clear lp + download

Released: 22nd Oct 2021


Gazelle Twin’s incredible electronic score to horror film ‘Nocturne’.

“The director wanted there to be a strong appearance of feminine rage featuring heavily in the score, building around the classical pieces,” says Gazelle Twin. “She wanted to use some of my existing tracks, ‘Unflesh’ and ‘Belly Of The Beast’, in a couple of scenes, so I took leave from the vocal style of ‘Unflesh’, which has a lot of strong chest singing inspired by Bulgarian Folksong. “It became a motif that the music editor, Shie Rozow, weaved throughout the film for those especially fierce moments. Then there’s the ‘dread drones’ that haunt the whole score, getting more and more intense.”

Welcome To The Blumhouse: Nocturne (Amazon Original Soundtrack)


  1. Moira’s Sacrifice
  2. Juliet’s Rage
  3. The Book
  4. Invocation
  5. Belly of the Beast
  6. Assurance
  7. Golden Light
  8. Purification
  9. Triumph
  10. Consummation
  11. Unflesh
  12. Blood Sport
  13. Vivian’s Fall
  14. Juliet’s Sacrifice