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The Invicta Mixtape (Mixed by Gilles Peterson & Sam Bhok)


very limited cassette (200 only worldwide)

Released: 7th Jan 2022


Brownswood Recordings are proud to present an extension of the ever-evolving world of STR4TA, the brainchild of long time friends and collaborators Gilles Peterson and JeanPaul “Bluey” Maunick.

‘The Invicta Mixtape’ is a limited edition cassette format mixed by Gilles Peterson & Sam Bhok (Worldwide FM/Stay Put). Available on pre-order from November 1st, released on December 3rd 2021 with only 200 available worldwide. ‘The Invicta Mixtape’ features an array of illustrious producers and polymaths unleashing their unique interpretations of STR4TA’s standout tracks. With a percussive stripped-back rework of ‘Dance Desire’ by Steve Conry & Takashi Nakazato; a funk-laced ‘Rhythm In Your Mind’ by Ashley Beadle plus Glasgow’s Nuovi Fratelli add a cosmic disco flare in the mix. Dave Lee’s rework of ‘After The Rain’. ‘Vision 9’ is reconceived by Melé’s rhythmic inventiveness & Delfonic’s virtuoso. Also iconic reworks by technopioneer Dave Aju, the spellbinding Demus Dub & DJ veteran Greg Wilson. The mixtape honours the importance of Radio Invicta, London’s very first soul station running from the late-60s to mid-80s. The B-side contains the complete STR4TA album.

The Invicta Mixtape (Mixed by Gilles Peterson & Sam Bhok)


  1. Dance Desire (Steve Conry & Takashi Nakazato Remix)
  2. Rhythm In Your Mind (North Street West Space Funk Rework #1)
  3. Rhythm In Your Mind (Steve Conry & Takashi Nakazato Remix)
  4. Rhythm In Your Mind (Nuovi Fratelli Cosmic disco Remix)
  5. After The Rain (Dave Lee Alternative II Dub)
  6. After The Rain (Dave Lee Alternative II Mix)
  7. Vision 9 (Delfonic Mix)
  8. Vision 9 (Melé Mix)
  9. Vision 9 (Melé Dub)
  10. Dance Desire (Dave Aju Remix)
  11. Aspects (Demus Dub)
  12. Aspects (Greg Wilson Mix)
  13. Aspects (Demus Dub)
  14. Aspects
  15. Rhythm In Your Mind
  16. Dance Desire
  17. We Like It
  18. Steppers Crusade
  19. After The Rain
  20. Kinshasa FC
  21. Vision 9