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TANZLINDE (2021 reissue)

limited green 180g lp (500 only) - £27.99 | Buy
„Tanzlinde“ is the debut album of the neo-psych band Sherpa from Abruzzo, Italy.



  • limited clear 180g lp (500 only)

    Released: 3rd Dec 2021


Sulatron is happy to announce Sherpa's new album! Their debut album “Tanzlinde” (Sulatron Records, 2016) got great reviews and was one of the personal highlights of Sulatron.

But the new one is even a deeper and more magic album! Like the debut it needs some listens to get in, but it will not let you go. :-) Tigris & Euphrates, the long awaited second album by the italian band Sherpa, is an album born as a concept around the evolution on human being. All songs are focused on the evolution of human language through the eras and how language has deeply changed the relationship between people, for better or for worst. It’s a dark album, slow and crude, but at the same time this album let light and hope come in; it’s a winter path, with low lights and soft volumes. Mastered by Eroc.