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VERSION GALORE (2022 expanded reissue)



Released: 14th Jan 2022


Includes 4 tracks new to CD.

The complete Treasure Isle works of a Jamaican legend Although largely unreported by the mainstream popular press, 17 February 2021 witnessed the passing of a true great of popular music: Asman Euwart Beckford. Under his stage name of U Roy, Beckford revolutionised the Jamaican music industry and in so doing also heavily influenced the development of hip hop, jungle and grime. In 1970, the immense popularity of his ground-breaking 7” singles for Treasure Isle boss, Duke Reid popularised DJ recordings, and sparked an explosion of similarly-styled discs, performed by a plethora of established and wanna-be toasters. Over the next year or two, U Roy continued to record high quality works for Reid, who gathered many of the DJ’s most popular sides on two best-selling long-players, ‘Version Galore’ and the eponymously titled ‘U Roy’, issued in 1971 and 1993, respectively. In tribute to the man and his music, both of these seminal collections have finally been brought together, along with the remainder of his Treasure Isle singles and a number of rare alternate takes. These historic recordings, which forever changed the sound of reggae, demonstrate the inimitable style that resulted in U Roy becoming the world’s first DJ superstar.

VERSION GALORE (2022 expanded reissue)

DISC 1: VERSION GALORE 1 Your Ace From Space - U Roy & Tommy 2 On The Beach - U Roy & The Paragons 3 Version Galore - U Roy & The Melodians 4 True Confession - U Roy & The Silvertones 5 Tide Is High - U Roy & The Paragons 6 Things You Love - U Roy & The Jamaicans 7 The Same Song - U Roy & The Paragons 8 Happy Go Lucky Girl - U Roy & The Paragons 9 You Will Never Get Away - U Roy & The Melodians 10 Wear You To The Ball - U Roy & The Paragons 11 Don't Stay Away - U Roy & Phyllis Dillon 12 Hot Pop - U Roy & Tommy McCook Bonus tracks 13 Nehru - Tommy McCook 14 True, True - U Roy & Ken Parker 15 Wake The Town (take 2) - U Roy & The Paragons 16 Flashing My Whip - U Roy & The Paragons 17 The Ball - Earl ‘Wire’ Lindo 18 Do It Right - U Roy And The Three Tops 19 Ain't That Loving You (alt. take) - U Roy & Alton Ellis 20 Do Re Mi U Roy & The Melodians 21 Super Boss – Tommy McCook

DISC 2: U ROY 1 Honey Come Forward - U Roy 2 Treasure Isle Skank - U Roy 3 This Station Rule The Nation - U Roy & Tommy McCook 4 Drive Her Home - U Roy & Hopeton Lewis 5 Tom Drunk - Hopeton Lewis & U Roy 6 Words Of Wisdom - U Roy & Tommy McCook 7 The Merry Go Round - U Roy 8 Wake The Town - U Roy & The Paragons 9 Big Boy And Teacher - U Roy 10 Everybody Bawling - U Roy & The Melodians 11 Ain't That Loving You - U Roy & Alton Ellis 12 Behold - U Roy & Tommy McCook Bonus tracks 13 Way Back Home - U Roy & Tommy McCook 14 My Girl - U Roy & The Techniques 15 My Girl Version –Tommy McCook 16 Peace And Love - U Roy & The Jamaicans 17 Peace And Love Version - Tommy McCook 18 Drive Her Home Part Two – Tommy McCook 19 You Will Never Get Away (take 5) - U Roy & The Melodians 20 Studio chatter – U Roy & Byron Smith