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Marie Davidson

Working Class Woman (2021 reissue)

Ninja Tune

limited clear lp

Released: 10th Dec 2021


‘Working Class Woman’ is Marie’s fourth and most self-reflective record to date.

Italo Disco, proto-industrial and electro influences leaden with gut-punching weight that makes the record more visceral than any she’s released before. Industrial heaviness is balanced by Marie’s spoken text (rather than spoken word); dark, textured soundscapes are counterweighted by statements that carry a darkly humorous edge, making observations on both aspects of club culture as well as more oblique critiques of the modern world. “As her production taps out cross-rhythms like a flock of woodpeckers, Marie Davidson’s spoken words demand nonstop work: a gig-economy ultimatum.” - New York Times (‘Work It’, #14 in 65 Best Songs) “Marie Davidson’s voice is one of the biggest pleasures in contemporary electronic music.” - The Guardian

Working Class Woman (2021 reissue)


  1. Your Biggest Fan
  2. Work It
  3. The Psychologist
  4. Lara
  5. Day Dreaming
  6. The Tunnel
  7. Workaholic Paranoid Bitch
  8. So Right
  9. Burn Me
  10. La chambre intérieure