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when the purple emperor spreads his wings


very limited 1 purple / 1 pink sparkle 2lp - 1 per customer

Released: 8th Jul 2022



Released: 20th May 2022


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Across a swathe of varied releases, accommodating Dave’s free flowing fountain of songwriting, The Wave Pictures have shown their deep affection for rock and roll, blues, jazz, classic rock, and of course Dave’s legendary love of good guitar solo.

Formed over twenty years ago by Franic Rozycki and David Tattersall in Wymeswold, Leicestershire, and joined by Jonny ‘Hudderfield’ Helm since 2005, The Wave Pictures have released over twenty albums of their own, along with exciting side projects such as garage rock supergroup The Surfing Magazines, several albums with Stanley Brinks, and Dave’s recent guitar contributions to Billy Childish albums, with whom they also collaborated on their 2014 album ‘Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon’. With a nuance of autumn, ‘This Heart Of Mine’ references time and space travel & memory all rolled into one. Musically inspired by classic Neil Young, ‘This Heart Of Mine’ witnesses The Wave Pictures going full-on country and features cowboy harmonica from Dominic ‘Hotdog’ Brider, Franic Rozycki on mandolin, alongside Dave Tattersall’s gentle acoustic guitar strum.

when the purple emperor spreads his wings



  1. River of Gold
  2. Back In The City
  3. French Cricket
  4. Never Better
  5. Blink The Sun
  6. Samsun
  7. this Heart of Mine
  8. Douglas
  9. Jennifer
  10. Smell The Ocean
  11. I'd Be Doing Anything
  12. Hazel Irvine
  13. Don't Forget Me
  14. Winter Baby
  15. Flight From Destruction
  16. When The Purple Emperor Spreads His Wings
  17. Never Let You Down
  18. Dale It's A Damn Shame
  19. Walking to Wymeswold
  20. Secret Messages