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Live at Montreux Jazz Festival

southern lord

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Released: 14th Jan 2022


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Across six pieces, Anna von Hausswolff performs sensational renditions of fan-favourites from the two beloved albums; 'The Miraculous' and 'Dead Magic'.

Anybody who has witnessed a live performance of Anna von Hausswolff and band can attest to the extraordinary and commanding nature of the experience. The distinctive music, as captured across five full-length albums, comes to life, shifting from hypnotic and mantra-like moods to thunderous drama, dissonance and cacophony. The musicians master playful dynamics and wield immense power.

Live at Montreux Jazz Festival

  1. The Truth The Glow The Fall (live)
  2. Pomperipossa (live)
  3. The Mysterious Vanishing Of Electra (live)
  4. Ugly And Vengeful (live)
  5. Kållans återuppståndelse (live)
  6. Come Wander With Me Deliverance (live)