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If I Never Know You Like This Again

Rough Trade Records

limited eco colour lp - 1 per customer

Released: 20th May 2022



Released: 20th May 2022



Released: 20th May 2022


Throughout the album SOAK pushes and pulls at melodies, but never milks their brilliance.

Bridie masterfully glides their vocal melody slightly off-kilter above excitable compressed high hats and flourishing guitar lines. With the new direction of a grungier, more lo-fi production the swooning guitars are given a contemporary pop-edge, reflected in the rich and robust musicality of songs like ‘Bleach’, ‘Last July’ and ‘Pretzel’. There’s a constant pulsating beat at the album’s centre, propelling it towards a kind of dewy happiness, like the end credits of a 90s coming-of-age film. Bridie’s lyrics move through the songs almost as effortlessly and they sing them, and the songs when read, read like poetry. With this album Bridie is, as the title suggests, freezing time in the pursuit of truth: capturing their life into existence. In the world of ‘If I Never Know You Like This Again’, a life is lived only because it's remembered.

If I Never Know You Like This Again


  1. purgatory
  2. last july
  3. bleach
  4. get well soon
  5. red-eye
  6. guts
  7. baby, you’re full of shit
  8. pretzel
  9. neptune
  10. swear jar