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Shattered Faith

limited 7" - £9.99 | Buy
Buzzing new Glasgow five-piece VLURE release their hotly anticipated debut single ‘Shattered Faith’.
G36 (The Bug) vs JK Flesh

Disintegration Dubs

Limited Red & Grey with Marble Effect 2LP (500 only) - £28.99 | Buy
Reprehensible sonic devastation from a well-versed crew of bass wreckers.


cd - £12.99 | Buy
It’s been a long time coming but the wonky industrial dancefloor stylings of giant swan are finally on a full album – you’ve heard techno, but...
Mandy, Indiana

... EP

12" - £22.99
limited indies only sea glass 12" - £21.99
Anchored by a barrage of drums and Caulfeld's tenacious vocals in French, the music presents an unyielding example of the best of what the band, primed for ...
  1. Blood Club
  2. Caller Unknown
  3. Tether (feat. DÆMON)
  4. Silhouettes
  5. Cloak & Dagger
  6. Flashforward
  7. Desire
  8. Over the Walls
  9. Remain in Stasis (feat. Grove)



  • limited white lp + download

    Released: 29th Apr 2022

  • cd

    Released: 29th Apr 2022

  • limited indies only cassette

    Released: 29th Apr 2022


Roaring guitars yoked by metronomically meaty beats make this the most danceable ear-smasher in recent memory! And we danced to it aplenty.

We finally got the full-length we’d been baying for & good lord, did it deliver! Scalping are masters of combining industrial techno with heavy noise rock. The resulting debut album is almost too good to be true: a swaggering surge of barely bridled power. This is a dark yet exhilarating listen that finds human musicians emulating the coldest, heaviest machinery you could possibly have the misfortune to fall into. It’s not cheerful, but we get big, cheese-eating grins every time we blast it out.