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Joseph Cotton

Zoom Zoom Shaka Tacka (rsd 22)

Room In The Sky

Record Store Day 2022 - lp (500 only)

Released: 23rd Apr 2022

£21.99 £7.98

Joseph Cotton started his music career in the early 70s with a track he cut for Joe Gibbs - at that time he was name Jah Walton.

He also voiced numerous hit tunes for various producers; Treasure Isle, Moodies, King Tubby , Studio One and many more. He left Jamaica to come to London changing his name to Joseph Cotton, and immediately having success in "No Touch the Style" (which Drake sampled), followed by other reggae chart hits. Here is a collection of 14 excellent tracks, both original and covers of classic reggae hit tunes, featuring some top players - Vin Gordon (Mr Real Rock) Ansel Collins, and vocalists Winston Reedy, AJ Franklin, and Ace of Diamond.

Zoom Zoom Shaka Tacka (rsd 22)


  1. Bangarang Medley
  2. Zoom Zoom Shacka Tacka
  3. Catch That One
  4. Wedding Dance
  5. Feel The Rhythm
  6. Hard Man fi Dead
  7. Covid Skank
  8. Dreamland
  9. Book of Rules
  10. Gold Digger
  11. I'm In Love With You
  12. A Whasso
  13. Old Sweet Jamaica