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richard norris


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Music For Soundtracks is an album of ten ambient, atmospheric pieces Richard Norris has recently created for film and TV.
richard norris


very limited cd in augmented reality 3d sleeve - £12.99
Richard Norris started the Music For Healing series in lockdown, releasing one calming, anxiety relieving track each week for three months.
richard norris


lp - £18.99
Hypnotic sequences, majestic drones and deep listening ambience collide on this mesmerising album of evocative and widescreen soundscapes.
MUSIC FOR HEALING (THE LONGFORM SERIES 1-4) (first time on vinyl!)

richard norris

MUSIC FOR HEALING (THE LONGFORM SERIES 1-4) (first time on vinyl!)

group mind
  • super limited lp

    Released: 25th Mar 2022

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Music For Healing is a series of long form tracks to aid stress and anxiety relief in these challenging times.

Now available on vinyl for the first time this edition collects The Longform Series 1-4. The series totals four hours of listening time. Use them as background ambience, as immersive deep listening, in combination with meditation or any other practice. Music For Healing tracks are crafted and recorded in real time with no Artificial Intelligence involved.