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kelley stoltz

The Stylist

agitated records

dinked 188 - very limited "butterfly effect" (blue / pink / purple) lp* + 2 x bonus 7"* + numbered sticker* - 1 per customer

Released: 10th Jun 2022


very limited purple lp (500 only)

Released: 10th Jun 2022



Released: 10th Jun 2022


Acoustic guitars, synthesisers, drum machines & reliably strong melodies abound - the San Franciscan’s beat goes on & we’re still very happily nodding along with him.

A couple of years ago we worked with this legendary indie stalwart on his splendid ‘Ah! (etc)’ & even though we imagined it would be a very nice edition for fans rather than an opportunity for new discovery, we were astonished & overjoyed by how many people listened to Kelley for the first time through that record & fell in love instantly. For the (currently) uninitiated, Stoltz writes timeless songs - the kind that might've appeared on the fringes of the late 60s or mid 80s. Here, with his 17th album, he proves himself to be unshakeable & it seems that no matter which of his many styles he chooses, ‘The Stylist’ is yet another platter of tuneful delights in the impressive catalogue of one of the great songwriters of our time.

The Stylist



  1. Change
  2. We Grew So Far Apart
  3. You Had To Be There
  4. My Wildest Dream
  5. It's A Cold World
  6. Is There Anything That's Better Than This , Babe?
  7. Your Name Escapes Me
  8. In The Night
  9. Wrong Number
  10. My Island
  11. Steve & The Rats (dinked bonus 7" exclusive)
  12. Plants (dinked bonus 7" exclusive)
  13. Jacuzzi Blues (dinked bonus 7" exclusive)
  14. Wings (Fall Cover) (dinked bonus 7" exclusive)

Dinked edition 188

- “Butterfly effect” blue / pink / purple LP *

- 2 x bonus 7” (3 exclusive tracks & a Fall cover!) *

- Hand-numbered Dinked sticker *

- 450 copies only *

* Exclusive to dinked edition