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Jill Lorean

This Rock


limited *signed* eco mix lp

Released: 6th May 2022

£24.99 £16.98

At its heart This Rock is a timeless rock record rooted in expert musicianship, perfectly capturing that live band spirit while maintaining a raw energy that cruises from the danceable freak folk of ‘Black Dog’ to hook laden ode to love songs ‘Walls’, all the while O’Sullivan’s unmistakable, soothingly yet intoxicating, vocal performance thrusts your attention front and centre.

Nature runs as a central vein through the record, taking a chance to disconnect from the sometimes disorienting digital world, taking step back and putting a lid on the noise and appreciating the natural world on ‘Beekeeper’, and then human nature on eerie pulsing of opener ‘The Breaking Down’, which makes a statement on the meaning of freedom to different people. Meanwhile, This Rock looks to generations of women, from childhood to granny-hood, from tracks inspired by O’Sullivan’s five-year-old daughter asking “what is war?” and how to broach such a dark subject matter with someone so young, to trying to capture that childlike spirit again on the urgent, powerful single ‘Mothers’, while ‘Kneading’ looks to Jill’s granny and her extraordinariness through some people’s unextraordinary lens. “I like to feel surprised, I want people listening to it to feel alive and awake. And a lot of music feels a bit stale and gentle. And now you can say, Alexa, I would like some exercise music or I'm in a sad mood play me sad mood music. And I feel like, I just want to shake Alexa and be like, Alexa, fuck off. It’s quite simply a desire to spend more time in nature and appreciate how amazing it is. I grew up in a concrete jungle, Chicago is so urban. And even Glasgow with all the big tenements, there's not many trees. So in a way, I'm trying to imagine something a little bit different. Like, stop and look at the flowers, stop and reflect. “It all comes back to effectively talking about motherhood, memory, human nature and grief to some degree. And This Rock, it's slightly this tongue in cheek idea of this kind of music, but also, the rock we live on, quite simply this rock.”

This Rock


  1. The Breaking Down
  2. Mothers
  3. Black Dog
  4. Kneading
  5. Beekeeper
  6. This Rock
  7. The Robin
  8. Dog-Eared Rose
  9. Walls
  10. Anti-War Lullaby