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midsommar ost

Bobby Krlic (the haxan cloak) (light in the attic edition)


limited transparent green lp (pre-order)

Expected Release: 12th Aug 2022


As in Aster’s breakout horror debut Hereditary, music plays a central role in Midsommar.

Composer Bobby Krlic (aka The Haxan Cloak) has crafted a gorgeous score that elevates the film to a new level. He also produced all the diegetic music played by the members of the community in the film. Instead of your usual horror score, Bobby Krlic developed beautiful and harmonious compositions that complement the on the surface beauty of the Swedish rural setting while underlying the subtle and terrifying truth that hides in the shadow throughout the film.

Bobby Krlic (the haxan cloak) (light in the attic edition)


  1. Prophesy
  2. Gassed
  3. Hålsingland
  4. The House that Hårga Built
  5. Attestupan
  6. A Ritual In Transfigured Time
  7. Murder (Mystery)
  8. The Blessing
  9. Chorus of Sirens
  10. A Language of Sex
  11. Hårga
  12. Collapsing
  13. Fire Temple