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Nancy Sinatra

Keep Walkin’ : Singles, Demos & Rarities 1965 - 1978

limited remastered "highway song edition" yellow 2lp in gatefold sleeve w/ 24pp book - £54.99 | Buy
remastered black 2lp in gatefold sleeve w/ 24pp book - £47.99 | Pre Order
A sumptuous collection which includes tracks that have never made it onto vinyl before - a must if you've enjoyed her collaborations with Lee Hazlewood.
Nancy Sinatra

Start Walkin' 1965-1976 (2021 repress)

limited 2lp - 1 per customer - £39.99 | Buy
Definitive compilation spans solo recordings, rarities and duets with Lee Hazlewood.
Nancy Sinatra

Boots (2021 reissue)

cd - £15.99
very limited (500 only) indies only uk exclusive "uk day trippin' clear" gatefold lp - 1 per customer - £30.99

very limited gatefold lp - 1 per customer - £28.99
Nancy didn’t blink twice when offered the chance to clamber into the boots of Bob Dylan, The Statler Brothers, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Lee Ha...

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nancy sinatra & lee hazlewood

nancy & lee (2022 reissue)

cassette - £15.99 | Buy
very limited uk exclusive coke bottle clear lp (500 only) - 1 per customer - £33.99

very limited lp - 1 per customer - £29.99
remastered & reinforced with bonus tracks, this is the first ever vinyl reissue of the pair's classic 1968 duet album.
Boots (2022 reissue)
  1. as tears go by
  2. day tripper
  3. i move around
  4. it ain't me babe
  5. these boots are made for walkin'
  6. in my room
  7. lies
  8. so long, babe
  9. flowers on the wall
  10. if he'd love me
  11. run for your life
  12. the city never sleeps at night (bonus track)
  13. for some (bonus track)

Nancy Sinatra

Boots (2022 reissue)

light in the attic
  • very limited uk indies exclusive clear red with metallic silver lp (500 only) - 1 per customer

    Released: 15th Jul 2022


“Dumb stuff, as Lee used to call it; Dumb doesn’t mean stupid, It means human and understandable".

It was the sound of three guitars, drums, and bass. It was simple, very, very simple. I can still see the room, the studio. With Carol Kaye, Glen Campbell, Donnie Owens… I can still see them all sitting there and chunking away. I guess simple was the best way to explain it, uncomplicated.” – Nancy Sinatra Light in the Attic is proud to present the next installment of the Nancy Sinatra Archival Series with a deluxe reissue of Nancy’s first album, Boots. The 1966 debut million-selling debut LP, introduced the sassy, blonde, go-go booted icon. Built around her Lee Hazlewood-penned hits, “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’” and “So Long, Babe,” the folk-rock era milestone album features songs by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Hazlewood and more. The catchy and jangly pop hooks performed by the famed Los Angeles session musicians, The Wrecking Crew and Billy Strange’s innovative arrangements provided the perfect sound to help Nancy capture the attention of the world. The new reissue includes two bonus tracks recorded during the album sessions, the non-album b-side “The City Never Sleeps At Night” and the previously unreleased “For Some.” Remastered from the original analog tapes by GRAMMY®-nominated engineer John Baldwin, the reissue is complemented by a new Q&A interview with Nancy and GRAMMY®-nominated reissue co-producer Hunter Lea.