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Tube Map

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Innovative Representation of Music History: Band Maps by Mike Bell Mike Bell's band maps transform the rich tapestry of music history into a visual narrativ...
leonard cohen

The Flame

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The final collection of poetry from Leonard Cohen's body of work, introduced by son Adam Cohen.
leonard cohen

RECENT SONGS (2017 reissue)

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leonard cohen

you want it darker

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His voice is devilishly smouldering in its spoken-word delivery, the strings add wonderful depth and the female harmonies bring warmth to this outstanding set f...
Hallelujah & Songs From His Albums


  1. Hallelujah (Live at Glastonbury)
  2. Suzanne
  3. Bird on the Wire
  4. Famous Blue Raincoat
  5. Chelsea Hotel #2
  6. Who by Fire
  7. Dance Me to the End of Love
  8. I'm Your Man
  9. Anthem
  10. The Future
  11. In My Secret Life
  12. Recitation w/ N.L. (Live In London)
  13. Show Me the Place
  14. Come Healing
  15. You Got Me Singing
  16. You Want It Darker
  17. Thanks for the Dance

leonard cohen

Hallelujah & Songs From His Albums

sony music
  • 2LP

    Released: 14th Oct 2022

    £36.99 £21.99

Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah & Songs from His Albums is the first-ever official, careerspanning album from songwriter, musician, poet, novelist, and visual artist Leonard Cohen.

Comprised of 17 classic tracks from Cohen’s expansive career, this anthology features an unreleased and unforgettable live performance of “Hallelujah” from the 2008 Glastonbury Festival. The album is inspired by the documentary, Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen a Journey, a Song.