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Sun Araw

Ancient Romans

Sun Ark


Released: 22nd Aug 2011


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like a master of alchemy, the beast that is cameron stallones’ sun araw, mixes spaced out psych, afro beats & thick, syrupy dub. this record creates the perfect frame for what stallones does so utterly & engagingly well. his meandering guitar & stoner friendly vibe will have you laid flat on your back starring into the sun, or for those with an affinity with darkness, the stars. the driving minimal beats lead you through the deceptively simple layers of instrumentation that align to erect smoky, hazy walls of sound, reflecting the reverb drenched sounds locked in this trippy, musical room. at the crux of all this is ‘impluvium’, an almost – dare i say it – dancey number. keyboards spill out juicy modulated runs, whilst stallones preaches to the converted, saturating his vocals in delay. for fans of peaking lights, pocahaunted, forest swords & the psychedelia of eternal tapestry.

Ancient Romans