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Lande Hekt (muncie girls)


Prize Sunflower / Get Better Records

dinked 208 - very limited numbered* ruby red / light blue half & half lp* + exclusive alternative artwork* + guitar tab zine* - 1 per customer (pre-order)

Expected Release: 23rd Sep 2022


limited blue / pink half & half lp (pre-order)

Expected Release: 23rd Sep 2022


cd (pre-order)

Expected Release: 23rd Sep 2022


The Muncie Girls guitarist & vocalist writes with a penetrating, confessional transparency (as ever), but her solo outlet finds her eschewing her band’s punky edges to explore a smoother, Sarah Records-esque style of heavenly indie pop.

With creative inspiration overflowing out of her, this is Lande’s second solo record in as many years & fludily follows on from her 2021 debut full-length, ‘Going To Hell‘. Where its predecessor documented her experience of coming out as gay, ‘House With A View‘ ruminates on the exploration of identity, melding melancholic colours with brighter, positive beacons.

Musically, she reflects the lyrical unburdening of her soul with light, velvety pop melodies & guitar jangles that slip into the ear like sand through an hourglass.

Listening to any Lande Hekt work is a deeply intimate experience, which is why we were so excited to work on this unique dinked edition with her, complete with a guitar tab zine so that we can become an active part in our enjoyment of these beautfiul songs (or you can just revel in the stunning colour vinyl & swanky cover art if - like me - you have the hand-eye-coordination of a puddle of custard).

Having crafted politically aware, heart-on-sleeve, punchy yet tender, punk-flecked songs with her band Muncie Girls, Lande turned her hand to an even more personal songwriting approach as she embarked on writing a solo record - 2021’s ‘Going to Hell’. The debut full-length documented her experience coming out as gay. It set out her stall as a solo artist with supreme storytelling abilities and a knack for understatedly luminous melodies. Lande’s music sits beautifully alongside such essential artists as The Wedding Present, The Sundays, The Replacements, Sleeper and Sharon Van Etten With her debut album barely a year old, 2022 sees Lande armed with a whole new collection of song-form vignettes and musings on her life and experiences. Kicking off where the last record left off, the opening track of new album ‘House Without a View’ is ‘Half With You’ which “is about growing into yourself as a queer person, and enjoying who you are after not enjoying it for so long,” says Lande. ‘Cut My Hair’ is about how her relationship with her gender has changed over the last few years, becoming more comfortable in herself and understanding more about what makes her happy. “It’s also about how easy it is to not talk to people when you’re struggling, which is something I did for a long time,” admits Lande. The title track of ‘House Without a View’ deals with childhood trauma and how events of our formative years “affect us so much into our adult lives and are intrinsic to our personalities and the way we cope (or don’t) with life and relationships,” says Lande. Although there’s darkness and sadness within the record, there’s also some shining beacons of positivity and a light-hearted side, albeit with a side of frustration. ‘Lola’ was written about Lande’s cat shortly after she came to live with her and her girlfriend. “She’s the first pet I’ve ever had and I wasn’t quite ready for how hard it would be to not be able to verbally communicate with her. I worried constantly that she was depressed because all she did was sleep, but my girlfriend assured me that that was regular cat behaviour.”




dinked exclusive artwork

  1. Half with You
  2. Backstreet Snow
  3. Cut My Hair
  4. Gay Space Cadets
  5. Always Hurt
  6. House Without a View
  7. Ground Shaking
  8. What Could I Sell
  9. Lola
  10. Take a Break
  11. First Girlfriend

 Dinked edition 208

- Colourway – Ruby Red/Light Blue Half and Half Vinyl *

- Bonus content Exclusive artwork and Guitar Tab Zine *

- Numbered Edition *

- Pressing quantity 300 *

* EXCLUSIVE to Dinked Edition