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people in motion

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Magnetically energetic and eternally hopeful, Dayglow excels in creating catchy, carefully crafted, effervescent indie pop.
Harmony House
  1. Something
  2. Medicine
  3. Balcony
  4. December
  5. Close To You
  6. Crying On The Dancefloor
  7. Into Blue
  8. Moving Out
  9. Woah Man
  10. Strangers
  11. Like Ivy


Harmony House

Very Nice Records
  • cd

    Released: 16th Sep 2022


the follow-up to Dayglow's runaway 2018 debut album Fuzzybrain is a finely calibrated, carefully fussed overexpression of encouragement for anyone who needs it.

Inspired by the piano-driven rock from the late '70s and early '80s, the album was written, produced, performed, and recorded entirely by Dayglow himself. Featuring danceable lead single "Close To You", effervescent "Balcony" and timeless "Medicine", Harmony House is about coming to terms with change and accepting that it doesn't have to be overwhelming.