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Songs from Planet Earth
  1. Isolation Days
  2. All We Need is Sanctuary
  3. Bring Down The Government
  4. Fool All The People
  5. Our Day Will Come
  6. Let Them Pass
  7. Place of Stones
  8. Know The Score
  9. Be Water
  10. Our Tribe

Deux Furieuses

Songs from Planet Earth

Xtra Mile Recordings Ltd
  • lp

    Released: 11th Nov 2022

  • cd

    Released: 11th Nov 2022


Written and recorded during the last two turbulent years, Songs From Planet Earth is a beating heart signal out from this world as we fall spinning into a vortex of pandemic, isolation, avoidable deaths, political corruption, personal mourning and ultimately survival.

The album documents the journey from the city to the countryside like refugees in search of sanctuary. 'Bring Down The Government' jumps on the fuzz box to demand a reckoning for all the lives. Deux Furieuses are currently members of Brix Smith (from The Fall) band, playing guitar and drums. 'Bring Down The Government' started life as a paranoid riff jam and soon became a musical grenade aimed at the dark heart of Boris Johnson's Conservative Government which we both felt to be disastrous for the country in its handling of the Covid pandemic. The care home tragedy was a scandal that affected us personally. The PPE nightmare, public health disinformation, lucrative profiteering and partying at Downing Street were symptomatic of Tory self-interest and a dumbed down political discourse. 'Benighted criminals all on the make' sums them up for us! The second verse takes inspiration from the 'gathering of the tribes' as we finally performed live again at Frank Turner's emotional Gathering shows in 2021 and demands 'a reckoning for all the lives'. 'Bring Down The Government' was recorded in October 2021 as part of a two week residential album session at Grange Farm Studio. We produced ourselves for the first time with the help of Isi Clarke who recorded the album and Mark Freegard (The Breeders) who mixed the album. We are honoured that Deb Googe from My Bloody Valentine plays bass on the track! Know the score - at least 52 UK women have been killed this year in cases where a man is the principal suspect according to Counting Dead Women. We wrote this song about the shadow pandemic of violence against women. The song is a pounding strut of confidence on a big stage. It is bravado on a deserted street as we reach for our personal alarm. "Another vigil on the streets of our cities tonight" - Zara Aleena knew about Sarah Everard and still she walked home. Know the score - we are losing rights. "Abuse of power comes as no surprise say the words on the T shirt of a woman whose hands are tied" - there are limits on our abilities to protest, and the Government is ripping up the Human Rights Act to limit how we challenge injustice. This is a song in solidarity with women who all know the score. Fans Also Like: Brix Smith, The Breeders, Patti Smith, PJ Harvey