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A.O. Gerber

Meet Me at the Gloaming

Hand In Hive Records

dinked 212 - very limited "golden hour" lp* + signed & numbered postcard* - 1 per customer (pre-order)

Expected Release: 14th Oct 2022


lp (pre-order)

Expected Release: 14th Oct 2022


Cinematic & ethereal in equal measure, Gerber’s approach to her songwriting creates an organic pool of sounds for her voice to weave through & leap out of with dazzling effect.

We’ve been hooked since we first laid ears to the promo; Gerber takes a maximalist approach with layers of acoustic & electronic instruments & textures to create an introspective world for her lyrics to colour. It’s a fascinating way to create, & unafraid to use a sonic palette as ambitious as her lyrics.

There are more albums that tackle grief than there are hours in a lifetime, but very few that we’ve heard feel as open, as honest & as perfectly weighted between lyric & sound as ‘Meet Me At The Gloaming’. This is a deeply special record that’s worthy of the time it takes to sit down & explore, line for line.

FFO: Julie Byrne / Malena Zavala / Cocteau Twins / Insides / Cassandra Jenkins / The War On Drugs


Meet Me at the Gloaming



  1. Disciple Song
  2. Walk in the Dark
  3. Looking for the Right Things
  4. You Got It Right
  5. Mount Washington Phone Company
  6. Hunger
  7. For
  8. Just as a Child
  9. Noon of Love
  10. PFS
  11. What Are You Reading?
  12. Only Mystery


Dinked Edition 212

- “Golden Hour” coloured vinyl *

- Signed & hand-numbered postcard *

- Limited pressing of 400

* EXCLUSIVE to Dinked Edition