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steve gunn

Way Out Weather (2022 repress)

paradise of bachelors


Released: 26th Aug 2022


Sonically and lyrically the album demonstrates a radical evolution, lighting out for lusher, more expansive, and impressionistic territories; it’s his first major work as an artist for whom the studio provides a critical context.

A more enigmatic and elevated affair than its predecessor, Way Out Weather completes Gunn’s satisfying transformation into a mature songwriter, singer, and bandleader of subtlety and authority. It ranks as most impressive and inviting record yet, an inscrutable but entirely self-assured masterpiece.

Way Out Weather (2022 repress)

  1. “Way Out Weather” 6.18
  2. “Wildwood” 5.38
  3. “Milly’s Garden” 5.34
  4. “Shadow Bros” 4.29
  5. “Fiction” 5.44
  6. “Drifter” 3.59
  7. “Atmosphere” 5.09
  8. “Tommy’s Congo” 6.34