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unison life

Hassle Records

dinked 213 - very limited numbered* 180g* cloudy red lp* + signed postcard set* in limited edition die-cut sleeve - 1 per customer (pre-order)

Expected Release: 21st Oct 2022


very limited turquoise w/ black & light blue splatter lp (only 500 for uk) (pre-order)

Expected Release: 21st Oct 2022


very limited transparent orange lp (only 300 for uk) (pre-order)

Expected Release: 21st Oct 2022


cd (pre-order)

Expected Release: 21st Oct 2022


Rampaging drums, soaring vox, scything guitars – all the elements that have made previous Brutus records total must-haves are not only present and accounted for but amped up to gut-troubling levels.

From the vicious opening blasts of distorted sound to the delicately measured chimes foregrounding the blast-beaten denouement and every crushing moment in-between, the Belgian trio are back with a beautiful wallop.

‘Unison Life’ is a sturdy lesson in captivating aplomb. Galloping punk, shards of metal, layers of post-hardcore, and even subtle finger-twists of country guitar all marry up into a sweltering cocktail that is as much a concoction of their myriad influences as it is the brutal vortex of modern existence. Et tu, Brutus?!

FFO: Big|Brave / Bismuth / Mrs Piss / Refused / Svalbard / Deafheaven


unison life



  1. Miles Away
  2. Brave
  3. Victoria
  4. What Have We Done
  5. Dust
  6. Liar
  7. Chainlife
  8. Storm
  9. Dreamlife
  10. Desert Rain


Dinked Edition 213

- Cloudy Red vinyl *

- 180g heavyweight vinyl *

- Logo stickers *

- Signed postcard set *

- Hand-numbered edition of 400 *

- Limited edition die-cut outer sleeve

- 16pp lyric booklet

* EXCLUSIVE to Dinked Edition