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William The Conqueror

Excuse Me While I Vanish

limited blood red lp - £24.99 | Buy
lp - £24.99 | Buy
William The Conqueror's fourth album finds the indie-rock trio firing on all cylinders as frontman Ruarri Joseph confronts the thin line between creativity ...
William The Conqueror

Maverick Thinker (2022 repress)

limited green lp + download - £21.99 | Buy
Likethe sportsman cutting chipped teeth in the lower leaguesbefore shooting to the very top, this band have lugged allthe amps, placated the in-house sound guy ...
William The Conqueror

maverick thinker

cd - £10.99 | Buy
Ruarri joseph’s thoughtful alt-rock anthems are of the ilk that gradually sneaks up on you until there’s no escape from their adhesive allure.
William The Conqueror

Proud Disturber Of The Peace

LP + DOWNLOAD - £16.99
the bluesy Americana trio’s debut is a blistering roots salvo of caustic warmth.
Proud Disturber of the Peace (2022 reissue)
  1. In My Dreams
  2. Tend to the Thorns
  3. Did You Wrong
  4. Pedestals
  5. Sunny is the Style
  6. The Many Faces of a Good Truth
  7. Proud Disturber of the Peace
  8. Cold Ontario
  9. Mind Keeps Changing
  10. Manawatu

William The Conqueror

Proud Disturber of the Peace (2022 reissue)

chrysalis records
  • remastered cd

    Released: 14th Oct 2022


a new 2022 mix of their debut album Proud Disturber Of The Peace.

Engineered and mixed in LA by Joseph Lorge (Hiss Golden Messenger etc), the new mix has achieved the sound the band and their label saw out of reach in the bands early DIY days. Including firm fan favourites ‘Tend to the Thorns’ and ‘Cold Ontario’, the album’s alt-rock transatlantic appeal puts the band in the same lane as Drive-By-Truckers, The Felice Brothers et al.