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Kathryn Joseph

From When I Wake The Want Is (2022 repress)

Rock Action Records

lp + download

Released: 30th Sep 2022


an other-wordly and devastatingly affecting sophomore from a distinctive artist navigating her way through life’s challenges.

joseph astounded us in 2015 with her “scottish album of the year”, ‘bones you have thrown me…’ and although this continues along a similar sonic path, she wanted it to be “more metallic sounding and harder, with electronic details”. the results are nothing short of spellbinding. those intricate electronic details are layered with such unbelievable delicacy that the record’s quiet magnitude is almost impossible to recognise at first. the magic is in the way that it haunts you, hovering in your mind, demanding your repeat attention. the sparse recurring piano motifs and subtle drum thuds leave ample space for joseph’s powerful quavering vocals to circle around, much like the work of lou rhodes (lamb), agnes obel or cocorosie and in her more histrionic moments, like kate bush. “her music is as powerful as it is introverted, as insistent as it is subtle. she makes her points quietly, but with neurotic force.” 8/10 – uncut.

From When I Wake The Want Is (2022 repress)

  1. iiii
  2. from when i wake the want is
  3. and you survives
  4. tell my lover
  5. and it will lick you clean
  6. there is no god but you
  7. safe
  8. we have been loved by our
  9. lovers
  10. mouths full of blood
  11. mountain
  12. weight
  13. ^^