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the focus group

SKETCHES & SPELLS (2022 reissue)



Released: 25th Nov 2022


The Focus Group is the recording alias for Ghost Box co-founder and well respected graphic designer and film maker Julian House.

This debut album was first release in 2005 on a burn to order CD-R. Now packaged in a 4 panel digipack with the original sleeve art by Julian House that established the rules for the primary Ghost Box artwork layout. It’s a design grid that the label has continuously revisited and tinkered with ever since.

SKETCHES & SPELLS (2022 reissue)

  1. Stringed winds
  2. Verberations
  3. Open the Gate
  4. Activity and Scales
  5. Corn Holes
  6. Verberations exp.
  7. Bells hazes
  8. Alsh
  9. Hocusing fee
  10. Colouring Toys
  11. Danse & Atoms
  12. Free psych & mirrors
  13. Verberation int.
  14. Jout sections
  15. Geometree hou
  16. Sun groof
  17. Diagonalam
  18. Underwater pries
  19. Jass Tarp
  20. Hocusing loe
  21. What are you seeing?
  22. Bromiding place
  23. Kasratu
  24. Swirling paths
  25. Starry wisdom