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Jah Wobble

Redux (RSD 23)

Record Store Day 2023 - Splatter 2LP - £35.99
For The Record' features a selection of Jah Wobble’s favourite cuts that have never been released on vinyl before, Curated by the man himself.
Jah Wobble


4cd - £31.99 | Pre Order
A four-disc anthology of highlights from this century – a period now spanning half of Jah Wobble ’s career and yet somehow overlooked.
Jah Wobble

Metal Box - Rebuilt In Dub

limited silver 2lp - 1 per customer - £34.99 | Buy
limited blue 2lp - £34.99
Mr Wobble has tweaked the peaks and fattened the lows for this dubbed-to-the-max reworking of PIL’s intensely inspiring classic, ‘Metal Box’ F...
Jah Wobble

Old Jewish East End of London Dub/AA Side: Lovers Rock Dub (rsd 21)

Record Store Day 2021 - blue 12" (500 only) - £17.99
Note from JW:- I grew up in Stepney , along with its neighboring ‘village’ Whitechapel, it was still, at that time, quite a Jewish (mainly Ashkenazi...
Jah Wobble

In Dub

2CD - £9.99 | Buy
Following the critical acclaim afforded to 2015’s 6CD box set 'Redux', 'In Dub' is an affordable entrée to one aspect of the prolif...
The Bus Routes of South London
  1. 35 Towards Clapham Junction
  2. 90 Towards Richmond
  3. 37 Towards Peckham
  4. 14 Towards Putney Heath
  5. 21 Towards Lewisham Shopping Centre
  6. 345 Towards South Ken
  7. 12 Towards Dulwich Library
  8. 430 Towards Roehampton

Jah Wobble

The Bus Routes of South London

Jah Wobble Records
  • cd (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 21st Apr 2023


'The Bus Routes Of South London', was written by former PiL bassist Jah Wobble as he travelled on buses through the streets of South London going to, through or from south London.

"I travelled around South London (mainly southwest London), recording on my iPad pro. I would always try to secure a seat on the top deck at the very front of the bus. I would then ‘fill in ‘these musical sketches later. I also would take lots of photos as I travelled around. On one occasion a bloke asked me if I “was Jah Wobble2. I confirmed that I was. He asked me if I was working on anything new. I said “yes, right this minute now you mention it”, and then played a top line in, on the iPad. I asked jimmeysy he thought. He said he liked it and promised to buy it." - jah wobble