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Barely Real (2023 reissue)

limited "upper belvedere" clear blue w/ green splatter 12" ep - £24.99 | Buy
After the scrapped "Dessau" sessions in 1992, Codeine returned with an EP of icy and effervescent tracks.

The White Birch (2023 reissue)

limited "washed up" clear w/ white splatter lp - £24.99
A white ship sailing in a sea of blackness, Codeine’s swan song arrived in 1994 amid grunge’s ascension to alt radio’s godhead status.
Frigid Stars (2023 reissue)
  1. D
  2. Gravel Bed
  3. Pickup Song
  4. New Year’s
  5. Second Chance
  6. Cave-In
  7. Cigarette Machine
  8. Old Things


Frigid Stars (2023 reissue)

  • limited "heat death" clear w/ black splatter lp

    Released: 14th Jul 2023


The drowsiest and earliest inklings of the slowcore movement can be traced to Codeine’s 1991 debut.

Combining the Louisville scene’s relaxed tempo with doom metal’s distorted slurry, the album is a depressing masterpiece of hushed vocals, noisy guitar, and punishing drums. Remastered from the original analog tapes and recreated in painstaking detail, Frigid Stars LP is the NYC trio’s fuzziest and most affecting work. “A deft musical approximation of the sound of water turning to ice, the guitars are so weighed down with distortion that they struggle to march from one chord to the next.”—Pitchfork