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Rancid (2023 repress)

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Without any reminiscing about their former band Operation Ivy, Matt Freeman (bass) and Tim Armstrong (guitar/vocals) blast through their debut without any hints...

Let's Go (2022 reissue)

limited indies only milky clear w/ black galaxy lp - £25.99 | Buy
Rancid's classic second LP, originally released in 1994, is disarmingly good from start to finish.

…And Out Come The Wolves (20th anniversary edition)

heavyweight lp - £22.99 | Buy
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this very special release in their history, Epitaph Records present the deluxe edition of Rancid’s ‘And Out Com...
Tomorrow Never Comes

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  1. Tomorrow Never Comes
  2. Mud Blood & Gold
  3. Devil In Disguise
  4. New American
  5. Tomorrow Never Comes
  6. Don't Make Me Do It
  7. It's a Road to Righteousness
  8. Live Forever
  9. Drop Dead Inn
  10. Prisoners Song
  11. Magnificent Rouge
  12. One Way Ticket
  13. Hellbound Train
  14. Eddie the Butcher
  15. Hear Us Out
  16. When The Smoke Clears


Tomorrow Never Comes

  • limited eco-mix colour lp + poster

    Released: 2nd Jun 2023

  • black lp + poster

    Released: 2nd Jun 2023

  • cd

    Released: 2nd Jun 2023


the legendary Bay Area punk rockers are back with their 10th studio album.

Rancid has remained fiercely independent, never losing their loyalty to community or each other. Their music confronts political and social issues, while balancing personal tales of love, loss, and heartbreak with attitude. Rancid gives their listeners a community where everyone can belong. By carrying on the traditions and spirit of the original punk rock bands that came before, Rancid has become a legend and inspiration to punk bands that have come after. They are the living embodiment of East Bay punk. And if you don't know all this by now -- you're not playing their music loud enough!


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