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very limited eco 7" + *signed insert* (500 only) - £9.99
a three-minute exercise in tension-baiting grooves and explosive noise-addled climaxes; a perfect continuation of the adrenalizing throb-and-squall clamour of t...



speedy wunderground
  • very limited 7" (500 only)

    Released: 14th Jul 2023

    £9.99 £4.99

This fast and astounding release from Hot Face has both scorched our ears and reinforced the absolutely bang-on nominal determinism of Speedy Wunderground – tastemakers and trailblazers both.

A jagged, buzzsaw of a tune that recalls early King Gizzard, Vanishing Point-era Primal Scream and 60s psychedelic British pop. The band leave the beauty firmly in the ear of the beholder, proclaiming ‘you'll either love it or run from it’. Having seen the band for the first time at the ever-influential Brixton Windmill open up for Carey’s new outfit Miss Tiny – the label fell in love immediately, inviting them to play at Speedy’s annual Xmas Party a few months later. ‘The songs were amazing’ recalls label co-runner Hall, ‘but it was the speed and the ferociousness of which they attacked them. I was really impressed. It’s like that perfect combination of melody and intent. I loved it.’ When asked to describe themselves the band furnish us with the following declaration: ‘Fast, playful and scary. The rest you can decide for yourself.’