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Duck Rock (40th anniversary edition)

indies only print


  1. Obatala
  2. Buffalo Gals
  3. Double Dutch
  4. El San Juanera
  5. Merengue
  6. Punk It Up
  7. Legba
  8. Jive My Baby
  9. Song For Chango
  10. Soweto
  11. World's Famous
  12. Duck For The Oyster
  13. Collaguas
  14. Roly Poly
  15. Hey DJ (World Famous Supreme Team)
  16. Zulus On A Timebomb
  17. Do You Like Scratchin
  18. Franz Buffalo

Malcolm McLaren

Duck Rock (40th anniversary edition)

the state 51 conspiracy
  • limited lp + bonus 12" + indies only "Duck For The Oyster" print

    Released: 9th Jun 2023


This tour-de-force of turntablism, proto-hip-hop, polyrhythms, and b-boy electro, sprung from the disruptive & fertile mind of punk architect Malcolm McLaren, finally gets the much needed reissue treatment that it so rightly deserves.

This 40th anniversary edition of Duck Rock is packed to the gills with remastered audio, reconstructed artwork, and a whole additional disc of remixes and unreleased tracks.

This is the version of Duck Rock that Malcolm McLaren intended to release on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. He personally remastered the tracks and compiled an additional record with 6 tracks which were previously unreleased on vinyl. Unfortunately, he was unable to release it during his lifetime, but in collaboration with Young Kim and the Malcolm McLaren Estate, and licensed by Universal Records, the state51 Conspiracy has managed to reissue it in all its glory in time for the 40th anniversary - right up to the same date: 27th May (2023)