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Colin Morrison’s Castles In Space label has launched a new publishing venture in the shape of Moonbuilding mag.
issue 3


issue 3

castles in space
  • magazine + exclusive cd

    Released: 2nd Jun 2023

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The necessary third issue of Moonbuilding.

A colour 48 page A5 magazine with new and exclusive Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan glass-mastered CD. Having successfully navigated the difficult second issue, Moonbuilding returns with a dazzling Issue 3. Edited by former Electronic Sound commissioning ed Neil Mason and published by Colin Morrison’s Castles In Space label, the first two issues went down pretty well. No reason to think this new one will be any different…especially as the new Spring Has Sprung offering stars the unstoppable Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan, who also provide an exclusive CD of previously unreleased tracks.

As well as a truly bumper chat with Warrington-Runcorn big chief Gordon Chapman-Fox, we profile Dan Saville’s SubExotic label, Audrey Golden tells us about her excellent new book, ‘I Thought I Heard You Speak: Women At Factory Records’, and John Foxx answers our There’s A First Time For Everything questions.

There’s reviews of the latest releases from labels such as CiS, Blackford Hill, Tone Science, Werra Foxma, Clay Pipe, Alter, Kiite Records, This Is It Forever, quiet details, Woodford Halse and many more.

There’s also our thoughts on the latest books, including Lucy O’Brien’s ‘Lead Sister - The Story Of Karen Carpenter’, Mark Blake’s ‘Us And Them - The Authorised Story Of Hipgnosis’ and Cathi Unsworth’s ‘Season Of The Witch - The Book Of Goth’.

Once again, the cover illustration is by the magnificent Nick Taylor. He also adds his exceptional skills to the design of the cover feature. People have been asking who our designer is. Well, the rest of the zine is “designed” by Neil Mason who reckons he has Fine Art degree. Next thing he’ll be telling us he studied in Sheffield and lived a few doors up from Phil Oakey.

The whole thing is topped off with a column from The Orb’s Alex Paterson and the wonderful reboot of Steven Appleby’s legendary Captain Star strip, which has previously appeared in NME, The Observer and SFX mag.

Best form an orderly queue, this issue ain’t going to be around long.