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Soft Hair

Soft Hair Soft Hair

CD - £9.99 | Buy
180g lp + download - £16.99 | Buy

This collaboration between Connan Mockasin and Sam Dust (LA Priest) oozes from the speakers in a soothing, yet slighttttttly unnerving fashion – it’s an album of uncanny funky ‘n smooth yacht pop, infused with woozy synths and wrong-sounding vocals.

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  • You Know What It’s Like

    Carla dal Forno You Know What It’s Like

    CD - £11.99 | Buy
    lp + download - £14.99 | Buy

    drifting and floating but never aimless – dal forno combines the ethereal and transcendental beauty of Juliana barwick with the subversive darkness of her...
  • Third World Pyramid


    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    180g magenta coloured lp - £14.99 | Buy

    One of the planet’s most reliable and prolific rock bands hit a rich vein of form with one of their tightest, most varied and most satisfying albums yet.
  • strands

    steve hauschildt strands

    cd - £12.99 | Buy
    lp - £16.99 | Buy

    Only a year on from the end-of-year-list bothering ‘where all is fled’, the former Emeralds man has another deep album of synthesizer soundworlds to...
  • clear shot

    toy clear shot

    cd - £9.99 | Buy
    lp + download - £17.99 | Buy

    lushly cinematic laid back psychedelia from shop faves - a record shot through with their most expressive melodies thus far.
  • EP2

    Fujiya & Miyagi EP2

    12" ep - £9.99 | Buy

    they’ve done it again – another solid and completely brilliant slab of punchy, krautrock driven nuggets that we can’t get enough of.
  • A Little Something More From..

    Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats A Little Something More From..

    cd - £7.99 | Buy
    lp - £18.99 | Pre Order

    this is such a warm, wholesome family of songs that reaches through your ears & gives your soul a nice tight cuddle.
  • RR7349 (RSD store exclusive)

    S U R V I V E RR7349 (RSD store exclusive)

    limited (600 only) 'Easter Yellow with a black blob’ LP - £17.99 | Buy

    These austin based synth botherers are on a roll – after scoring the already immortal ‘stranger things’ soundtrack they’ve made an album...
  • Endtroducing (deluxe 2016 reissue)

    DJ Shadow Endtroducing (deluxe 2016 reissue)

    3CD - £18.99 | Buy
    6LP boxset - £96.99 | Buy

    Its 20 years since this milestone album came out, and if you’ve not picked up a copy yet then this is the one - a deluxe edition featuring 12 specially co...
  • Trials Of Eyeliner

    MARC ALMOND Trials Of Eyeliner

    10cd boxset - £81.99 | Buy

    it’s impossible to hear a synth lead band that doesn’t owe something to almond’s innovative and truly original idiosyncratic vision.
  • Mapping The Rendezvous

    COURTEENERS Mapping The Rendezvous

    CD - £9.99 | Buy
    deluxe cd & dvd - £12.99 | Buy
    lp + download - £17.99 | Buy

    Blursting out of the blocks with ‘Lucifer’s Dream’, the Mancunians drop another album of effortlessly big choruses and incisive pop hooks on t...
  • honeymoon on mars

    The POP GROUP honeymoon on mars

    cd + sticker - £11.99 | Buy
    limited collector's editon signed cd + proxy zine + megamix ep + 3 badges + sticker - £21.99 | Buy
    lp + giant poster + download - £19.99 | Buy
    limited edition 180g colour lp + giant poster + download - £21.99 | Buy

    the distinctive post-punkers serve-up their second album since their reform in 2010, their dub-inflected sound still sounding totally unique in a landscape of t...
  • peel away the ivy

    the pattern forms peel away the ivy

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    lp - £15.99 | Buy

    Library music and electronic pop collide on this alluring ghostbox collaboration between chaps from label mainstay, the advisory circle, and indie band, the fri...
  • The Bonnie Bells Of Oxford

    Trembling Bells And Bonnie "Prince" Billy The Bonnie Bells Of Oxford

    CD - £9.99 | Buy
    Green LP - £15.99 | Buy

    The collaboration between these two artist feels like it makes perfect sense, both somehow out-of time, unconcerned and unconnected with their contemporary musi...
  • leave me alone (deluxe edition)

    hinds leave me alone (deluxe edition)

    deluxe 2cd - £9.99 | Buy
    limited (200 only) bonus material lp + download - £12.99 | Buy
    limited (300 only) deluxe yellow 2lp with original album and bonus material + download - £21.99 | Buy

    A very-welcome deluxe version of their much-loved album, including B-sides, rarities, and previously unreleased demos.
  • take control / we are the england

    slaves / wonk unit take control / we are the england

    limited (1500 only) 7" - £11.99 | Buy

    taken from the gut-punchingly brilliant album of the same name is a must for slave fans & people with ears alike.
  • can't touch us now

    MADNESS can't touch us now

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    lp + download - £18.99 | Buy

    their 11th album is an expertly crafted addition to their already monumental ska legacy.
  • Island Songs

    olafur arnalds Island Songs

    cd + dvd - £11.99 | Buy
    lp + download - £20.99 | Buy

    With ‘Island Songs’, the renowned composer records with seven other Icelandic artists from seven different towns of his homeland.
  • Two Vines

    Empire Of The Sun Two Vines

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    lp + download - £18.99 | Buy

    The aussie duo return with another huge album, doling out hit after hit of lush, smooth pop jams landing somewhere between the beach and more exotic pastures.
  • Drug Braggin

    The Lovely Eggs Drug Braggin

    multicolour 7" - £6.99 | Buy

    these Psych-pop fuzz freaks tell it like it is again with another scuzzed up, fuzzed out freak single.
  • ten years of akala

    akala ten years of akala

    limited edition 3lp - £35.99 | Buy

    To celebrate 10 years since the release of his debut album, this set collects Akala’s best moments over the course of his six albums.

Best Sellers

  • Citizen Of Glass

    Agnes Obel Citizen Of Glass

    cd - £9.99 | Buy
    gatefold lp + download - £18.99 | Buy

    A magical brew of mournful cello, piano tinkles, pizzicato plucks & that beguiling voice from the Danish born, Berlin-residing classically-trained singer-so...
  • Mirage

    Josefin ohrn + the Liberation Mirage

    limited signed mirrorboard cd - £12.99 | Buy
    limited signed holographic mirrorboard sleeve lp + download - £17.99 | Buy

    Seductive Swedish space-psych splendour - We challenge you not to get sucked into their swirling, intoxicating, transcendental aural trips.
  • you want it darker

    leonard cohen you want it darker

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    lp - £18.99 | Pre Order

    His voice is devilishly smouldering in its spoken-word delivery, the strings add wonderful depth and the female harmonies bring warmth to this outstanding set f...
  • Impossible Dream

    haley bonar Impossible Dream

    limited signed cd - £9.99 | Buy
    limited teal coloured lp + download - £17.99 | Buy
    limited signed 180g lp + download - £16.99 | Buy

    *** haley will be playing in the shop prior on Friday 21st October at 6:30pm, prior to her full set at The Green Door Store the same night.
  • let it be you

    joan as police woman & benjamin lazar davis let it be you

    cd - £9.99 | Buy
    180g lp + cd - £16.99 | Buy

    A true collaboration from studio to stage, from two artists well known for their ability to effortlessly cross musical genres.
  • let them eat chaos

    kate tempest let them eat chaos

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    heavyweight gatefold lp + download - £22.99 | Buy

    *** We're really sad to announce that Kate Tempest is too unwell to perform at the moment so her instore (originally scheduled for 11th oct) has been postpo...
  • original cast recording

    lazarus (david bowie) original cast recording

    digipak 2cd - £14.99 | Buy
    3lp in trifold jacket - £32.99 | Buy

    This release doubles as the original cast recording of the hit theatre show created by Bowie and Enda Walsh, and the resting place of the star’s final thr...
  • American Football

    American Football American Football

    cd - £9.99 | Buy
    limited indies-only 180g RED/ORANGE STARBURST lp - £20.99 | Buy
    180g ORANGE lp - £19.99 | Buy

    There’s little left to say about the original AmFoot record – an album that inspired a whole generation of kids to tune their guitars open and holle...
  • every now & then

    jagwar ma every now & then

    cd - £9.99 | Buy
    lp + download - £16.99 | Buy

    The much-loved and much-danced-to Aussie dance-psych outfit follow up their hit-of-debut with more rave-pop anthems.
  • t.c.r.

    sleaford mods t.c.r.

    cd - £6.99 | Buy
    12" + download - £7.99 | Buy

    On this EP Jason Williamson continues to circumvent any spectre of a backlash with more inspiringly snarly and smart onslaughts of midlands beat verse.
  • sirens

    Nicolas Jaar sirens

    cd - £9.99 | Buy
    180g lp + scratch-off paint sleeve + quarter coin + download - £20.99 | Buy

    The extraorindary Chilean-American compoer reaffirms himself at the vanguard of electronic production on this vital, absorbing, unusual and brilliant record.
  • requiem

    goat requiem

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    very limited 'psych' coloured 2lp + download - £19.99
    2lp + download - £16.99 | Buy
    indies only exclusive orange 2lp + download - £18.99 | Buy

    ‘requiem’ sounds like the epic small-hours campfire jam after the voodoo freak-out of the night before on Goat’s beatific third album.
  • late night tales

    various artists / david holmes late night tales

    cd + download - £9.99 | Buy
    limited edition 180g 2lp + download - £17.99 | Buy

    DJ and producer David Holmes is welcomed to the Late Night Tales fraternity with an evocative collection of personal songs and music, peppered with exclusive ne...
  • 22, A Million

    Bon Iver 22, A Million

    cd - £9.99 | Buy
    standard lp in gatefold sleeve + download - £24.99 | Buy
    limited lp in gatefold sleeve + download + coloured 2 track 12" bundle - £30.99 | Buy
    cassette - £9.99

    the underpinning talent that makes justin vernon one of the 21st century’s best songwriters, is his ability to make you feel lost but safe & for all t...


    cd - £9.99 | Buy
    limited blue lp + download - £17.99 | Buy

    the Aussie-born singer/songwriter has made a big impact on us residents - her music courses with the aching current of alt-country & indie-folk, augmented b...
  • walls

    Kings Of Leon walls

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    lp + download - £18.99 | Buy

    On their 7th album the Southern-long-haireds-come-good continue to deliver arena-ready rock and huge/tender tear-jerkers for the ages.
  • Front Row Seat To Earth

    Weyes Blood Front Row Seat To Earth

    CD - £9.99 | Buy
    lp + download including bonus track - £15.99 | Buy

    On her thoughtful new album, Natalie Mering combines a West-Coast folk/AM radio vibe, delectable band arrangements and subtle production flourishes to knock-out...
  • Skeleton Tree

    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Skeleton Tree

    cd - £9.99 | Buy
    lp + download - £18.99 | Buy

    an overwhelmingly affecting record which becomes all the more astonishing when the circumstances under which it was made are considered.
  • Running Out Of Love

    The Radio Dept. Running Out Of Love

    cd - £9.99 | Buy
    limited clear lp - £17.99

    The acclaimed Swedish Indie band delivers a hugely resonant album of political-charged electronic pop that threatens to be their defining moment.
  • integrity blues

    Jimmy Eat World integrity blues

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    lp + download - £18.99 | Buy

    Songs with powerful upbeat grooves and warm production, the college-rock legends strike another blow for sincere, addictive rock music with hooks-galore.

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