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BULLY losing

cd - £9.99 | Buy
lp - £20.99 | Buy
limited indies only 'loser edition' green lp + download - £22.99 | Buy

Alicia bognanno’s young, loud and snotty crew up the ante on their subpop debut, channelling 90s alt-rock heroes into joyous bursts of guitar tuneage that fans of recent riders speedy Ortiz, black honey, and goat girl will go nuts for.

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  • value

    visionist value

    cd - £9.99 | Buy
    lp + download - £16.99 | Buy
    LP - £19.99 | Buy

    a record of raw, yet precise, emotive clarity & vision, his choppy synths form an ensemble of powerful electronic voices – it’s a stunning follo...
  • ken

    Destroyer ken

    cd - £9.99 | Buy
    lp + download - £19.99 | Buy
    limited indies only yellow lp + bonus 7" + download - £24.99 | Buy

    Dan Bejar’s never before sounded so polished and fresh - if you like Alex Cameron's recent electro-pop outing, Ariel Pink's oddball weirdness or t...
  • A flame my love, a frequency

    Colleen A flame my love, a frequency

    CD - £12.99 | Buy
    lp + download - £16.99 | Buy

    we’ve come to expect cecile schott to charm and beguile with her music, but recently she has added the ability to surprise in the most deft of ways.
  • the queen is dead (2017 deluxe reissue)

    the SMITHS the queen is dead (2017 deluxe reissue)

    2cd + limited tote bag - £13.99 | Buy
    3cd + dvd + limited tote bag - £30.99 | Buy
    5lp boxset + limited tote bag + slipmat - £74.99 | Buy

    Widely considered to be both The Smiths’ finest work and one of the greatest albums ever made, ‘The Queen Is Dead’ has cast a significant infl...
  • ratio

    floating points ratio

    super limited 12" - £9.99 | Buy

    Ooph – this is a huge, horribly limited 12” single from the electronic polymath featuring an incredible, 19 minute epic that is a good shout for the...
  • Adiós Señor Pussycat

    Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band Adiós Señor Pussycat

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    limited lp + download - £22.99 | Buy

    a stirring collection of sombrely jangling ballads and stripped-back laments that further evidence him as one of our finest songwriters.
  • Radio Cineola: Trilogy

    THE THE Radio Cineola: Trilogy

    3cd - £14.99 | Buy
    rigid board slipcase with 3 x CD albums each contained within it’s own 68 page hardcover book - £46.99 | Buy
    rigid board rigid board slipcase with 3 x 180g LPs + 48pp book + download - £70.99 | Pre Order

    this set collects the trilogy of albums based upon 12 or 24-hour time-cycles, as interlinked as Borromean rings.
  • Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998

    john carpenter Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998

    cd - £12.99 | Buy
    lp + download - £21.99 | Buy
    limited red lp + bonus 7" + download - £24.99 | Buy

    this collects 13 classic themes, freshly re-recorded, from his illustrious career together on one volume for the first time.
  • dissolve

    Tusks dissolve

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    indies only white lp - £18.99 | Pre Order

    deep swathes of sultry synth textures and soundscape guitar backing writhe together with her richly-toned voice as it shapes bruisingly beautiful melodies &ndas...
  • Lean Year

    Lean Year Lean Year

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    lp - £21.99 | Buy

    The debut album from emilie rex and rick alverson is a gorgeous, understated thing – the kind of music mistaken for wallpaper by distracted ears but quiet...
  • SpiderBeetleBee


    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    lp - £17.99 | Buy

    this set from the long-time collaborators features just such wonderful playing - acoustic guitars that summon images and feelings from somewhere deep in our pas...


    CD - £11.99 | Buy
    LP - £16.99 | Pre Order

    These guys plunge us deep into science fiction with an album of gradually expanding analogue kraut workouts augmented by horror soundtrack chic across seven epi...
  • Reaching For Indigo

    circuit des yeux Reaching For Indigo

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    lp - £19.99 | Buy

    fronted by the singer known as Jackie lynn, their 5th is a bewitching record replete with songs that beam with impassioned, androgynous vocals set against divin...
  • Mechanics Of Dominion

    esmerine Mechanics Of Dominion

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    180g lp + art print + download - £21.99 | Buy

    The arch chamber-group present their most dynamic and narratively-driven work, tracing an arc through neo/post--classical, minimalism, modern contemporary, folk...

    Nine Inch Nails ADD VIOLENCE EP

    cd - £6.99 | Buy

    increasingly more accessible and impenetrable at the same time, reznor’s rejuvenated project has evolved into a vital lynchpin for our contemporary tastes...
  • Galax

    Wild Ponies Galax

    CD - £9.99 | Buy
    180g lp - £19.99 | Buy

    occasionally delving into first aid kit-esque moments of sublime vocal melodies, this is a must for fans of warm, jaunty, string-sweetened blue grass.

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    CD - £9.99 | Buy
    standard black LP + download - £17.99 | Buy
    limited indies-only white lp + download - £18.99 | Buy

    two of the most gifted songwriters of our generation join forces to deliver something utterly unpredictable and original – an instant-classic record that ...
  • carry fire

    ROBERT PLANT carry fire

    cd - £13.99 | Buy
    2LP with etched side d - £27.99 | Buy

    the legendary frontman releases a politically charged record that shimmers with a shoegazey haze above the bluesy Americana/world roots that course through its ...

    Beck COLORS

    CD - £11.99 | Buy
    RED LP + download - £24.99 | Buy
    INDIES ONLY YELLOW LP + download - £27.99 | Buy

    beck’s back with an alt pop record that draws on as many genres as he desires – he’s in a sweet shop, picking and mixing elements of electro p...


    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    red lp + download - £21.99 | Buy
    deluxe edition pink lp + translucent pvc sleeve + poster + sticker sheet + booklet + download - £28.99

    annie clark is redefining songwriting one album at a time - ‘masseduction’ is the culmination of years of playing with the experimental and the bomb...

    king krule THE OOZ

    cd - £9.99 | Buy
    2lp + download - £19.99
    limited indies-only orange & blue 2lp + download - £21.99

    aptly titled, ‘the ooz’ is a thick, dark, sticky miasma of discordant madness; mournful saxophones and tender piano keys collide with post-dubstep s...


    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    lp + download - £20.99 | Buy

    Castle Face are always the safest of hands and this band is one of their best new talents – this is a buzz-saw wave of adrenaline-infused guitar feedback ...
  • Sketches Of Brunswick East

    King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard With Mild High Club Sketches Of Brunswick East

    cd - £9.99 | Buy
    heavyweight lp in tip-on sleeve + download - £17.99 | Buy

    simultaneously totally nuts and utterly chill, this genius collab is a freewheeling summer romp through yacht rock, soul, jazz, North African grooves, acid psyc...
  • new energy

    Four Tet new energy

    cd - £9.99
    2LP - £20.99 | Buy

    kieran hebden explores everything that is great about four tet on this sprawling album, from fluttery downtempo sample-fests to submerged rave-flashbacks via hi...
  • ogilala

    william patrick corgan (smashing pumpkins) ogilala

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    limited (1000 only) indies only pink lp + download - £17.99 | Buy

    a simple concoction: an acoustic guitar plus the odd spot of piano & string backing & his distinct, warmly emotive vocals make for a striking solo outin...
  • as you were

    Liam Gallagher as you were

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    deluxe cd with 3 bonus tracks - £13.99 | Buy
    180g lp + download - £21.99 | Buy
    limited 180g white lp + download - £24.99 | Buy
    super limited boxset with white lp. deluxe cd, poster, print, white label 7" - £55.99 | Buy

    Britpop is dead, long live Britpop – liam’s first solo effort happens to be some of his best ever work with a reinvigorated edge that’s got pa...
  • Queens of The Breakers

    THE BARR BROTHERS Queens of The Breakers

    cd - £9.99 | Buy
    lp + download - £17.99 | Buy
    limited clear Blue lp + download - £21.99 | Buy

    this goes far beyond the stock alt folk record – a transfixing collection of songs whose constituent parts coalesce to form a vivid mood or image, compris...
  • I Tell A Fly

    benjamin clementine I Tell A Fly

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    2LP + download - £24.99 | Buy

    the follow-up to his mercury prize-winning debut expands on his mesmerising blend of cascading pianoplay and idiosyncratic, mahogany-rich vocals to create trans...
  • visions of a life

    wolf alice visions of a life

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    limited indies-only green 2lp + download - £23.99
    2lp + download - £21.99 | Buy

    their sophomore cycles through moods & genres at tremendous speed, utilising sublime shoegaze, moments of aggressive, fuzzy punk & more delicate, melodi...

    Nine Inch Nails ADD VIOLENCE EP

    cd - £6.99 | Buy

    increasingly more accessible and impenetrable at the same time, reznor’s rejuvenated project has evolved into a vital lynchpin for our contemporary tastes...
  • Lilies

    Melanie De Biasio Lilies

    cd - £9.99 | Buy
    lp + cd - £19.99 | Buy
    limited indies-only clear lp + cd - £21.99 | Buy

    her third blends sparse, bluesy jazz listlessness with pulsing, ambient synths – it’s a deeply cerebral listen, minimalist in approach but powerful ...
  • Sleep Well Beast

    The National Sleep Well Beast

    cd - £9.99 | Buy
    gatefold white 2lp + download - £19.99 | Buy
    limited indies only gatefold blue 2lp + download - £21.99 | Buy

    can this lot do no wrong? seven albums in and they’re at the peak of their game, channelling nick cave at his most morose, springsteen’s ‘nebr...

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    cd - £9.99 | Buy
    indies-only cream vinyl lp with resident exclusive cover (designed by the band) + download - £16.99 | Buy
    standard black lp + download - £16.99 | Buy

    Natasha recommends: “When a band have made such a defining & original debut it’s tough to follow it with something that will spark as much excit...
  • the wild river

    The Blow Monkeys the wild river

    limited signed cd - £9.99 | Buy
    limited signed blue marble lp + download - £21.99 | Buy

    “The Wild River” was recorded in Spain and produced by mainman Robert Howard.
  • Presents The Holy Strangers

    Micah P. Hinson Presents The Holy Strangers

    cd - £11.99 | Buy
    limited signed 2lp + download - £19.99

    Described by Micah himself as a “modern folk opera", this is the musically infallible troubadour's most varied, expansive & daring record to ...
  • Wake Up Now

    nick mulvey Wake Up Now

    limited signed cd + booklet - £11.99 | Buy
    limited signed 180g lp + download - £18.99 | Buy
    limited signed orange lp + download - £22.99 | Buy

    Sonically, Nick sits somewhere between the fuller band sound of Jose Gonzalez (Junip), the Communion label roster (which has previously looked after him as well...

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