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DJ Krush


Gamma Proforma


Released: 24th Nov 2017

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the visionary dj commemorates his 25th anniversary with this collaborative album sporting a diverse range of musical imagery that reaffirms his status as Japan's original beat master.

There's every-thing we've come to expect from the man, heavy breaks with fierce raps, serene soundscapes and seamless production. an album of two halves, the first features a different vocalist on every track whilst the latter half is purely instrumental, allowing him to really flex his sonic muscles. every track was lovingly produced by the man himself.




  1. Intro
  2. The Rom Rom Fall feat. OMSB (Vocal)
  3. Back to the Future feat. Tipleso (Vocal)
  4. Rookie feat. R-Shitei (Creepy Nuts) (Vocal)
  5. Concrete Vein feat. Meiso (Vocal)
  6. Mukyou
  7. Monolith feat. Ryoff Karma (Vocal)
  8. Dust Stream feat. RINO LATINA ll (Vocal)
  9. Nobody Knows feat. 5lack (Vocal)
  10. - YUI - feat. Sibitt (Vocal)
  11. The Rom Rom Fall (Instrumental)
  12. Back to the Future (Instrumental)
  13. Rookie (Instrumental)
  14. Concrete Vein (Instrumental)
  15. Monolith (Instrumental)
  16. Dust Stream (Instrumental)
  17. Nobody Knows (Instrumental)
  18. - YUI - (Instrumental)