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Jetskiwave Records


Released: 2nd Feb 2018


The quintessential underground Brixton MC enlists help from some of his famous friends to create an ode to the place he calls home & the genre defining the forefront of the UK music scene.

Featuring the likes of 6 god appraised Giggs & youtube sensation conor maynard, Agassi delivers a project that not only shines a light on Brixton and the talent within it but also delivers explosive energy, heavy verses & hard-edged lyricism. one of the UK music’s most impactful and underrated stars just keeps on getting better.



  1. Intro
  2. They Don't Wanna See
  3. Nah (ft NOT3S)
  4. Back Then
  5. Active (ft Giggs)
  6. PeakBo (ft Political Peak)
  7. Living
  8. I Heard (ft. Yungen)
  9. Fuck It (ft S.Wavey, M.Dargg, J Boy, Bellzey)
  10. Most Hated (ft. J Boy)
  11. Till The End (ft Capo & Rendo)
  12. Bad (ft. Chezeeko)
  13. Body Close (ft. Team Salut & Afro B)
  14. Get To Know Me (ft. Conor Maynard & Daecolm)
  15. Tonight
  16. OT (ft. Jasper TR)
  17. 24/7 (ft Moelogo & J Boy)
  18. Where I'm From (ft. Micque)
  19. Outro