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El Tipo Este y Al Quetz

La Revancha De La Manana



Released: 23rd Nov 2018



Released: 23rd Nov 2018


The first release on a new label: Pura Vida Sounds founded by Guts, in conjunction with Heavenly Sweetness.

El Tipo Este is a pioneer of Hip Hop in Cuba and Al Quetz, a leading French beat maker. This canny combo have drawn from the local musical currents, absorbing Afro-Cuban sounds, adding the freedom of jazz, the metronome of hip hop and a healthy bass shake of neighbouring island Jamaica. For Cubans, El Tipo Este is the pioneer of all things hip-hop. As founding member of Obsesion, one of the nation’s most notable hip hop exports. Early champions of his music included Gilles Peterson, who selected a track to include in his ‘Havana Cultura; New Cuba Sounds’ compilation. Hot off the heels of this, El Tipo Este was enlisted to assemble the full band of musicians for the Havana Cultura tour. This unit played stages across Europe, USA and closer to home in Latin America, and in turn this led to collaborations with The Roots and Mos Def For this long player, El Tipo Este he has enlisted beat maker France’s Al Quetz to carry his rhymes. Originally known as Quetzal, Al Quetz is a crucial figure in the world of beat making. A sound scientist whose cut, loop, program, paste compositions has seen him collaborate with the likes of Onra, Guts, La Fine Equipe and Milk Coffee & Sugar.

La Revancha De La Manana


  1. Zafra
  2. Sin Protocolo
  3. Lo Emental
  4. Regla Sound System
  5. Tu Ver
  6. Dicen
  7. Usame
  8. Interludio en el 106
  9. Inflowencias
  10. Ya No Me Pertenezco
  11. Revoluci n Vivencial
  12. Tierra, Semillas y Frutas