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fabric 96: DVS1

Fabric Worldwide


Released: 8th Dec 2017


Brandishing the animated persona he is known for in the booth, the renowned DJ intuitively layers, blends and chops his way through 29 tracks over 80 minutes, drawing on the tangible properties of massive sound systems to convey his expansive vision.

Zak Khutoresky’s varied career has included opening a nightclub in his hometown of Minneapolis, building and maintaining a custom ‘wall of sound’ system and running two of his own renowned labels - HUSH and Mistress. Now he can add ‘fabric’ mix to his impressive resume. Motifs are weaved together with a playful flair, reflecting an artist who not only welcomes his impulses but possesses the technical skill to convey them. Consisting almost entirely of unreleased material, this is a must have for fans of the series and DJ alike.

fabric 96: DVS1


  1. Unknown Artist - For All Mankind
  2. Gabriella Vergilov - Boring Shit [Thema]
  3. Kirill Mamin - Silent Prayer [Mistress]
  4. Border One - Curve [HUSH]
  5. DOUBT - Just Pain [HUSH]
  6. DJ Surgeles - Absorbed [Axis]
  7. Mike Storm - From The Human Eye To Earth [HUSH]
  8. Sirko Müller - Our Blood [Tokomak]
  9. Steffi - 1E-4 [HUSH]
  10. Psyk - Falling [Unreleased]
  11. Neel - The Vancori Complex [Spazio Disponibile]
  12. Planetary Assault Systems - Fathoms Deep [Mote-Evolver]
  13. Oscar Mulero - Drops [HUSH]
  14. Jeff Mills - Fly Guy [Purpose Maker]
  15. Maan - Vert [HUSH]
  16. Steve Bicknell - Space 13 [HUSH]
  17. Dustin Zahn - Politics Of Seduction [HUSH]
  18. Mike Gervais - Set Me Free [Enemy]
  19. Adriana Lopez - Last Path [HUSH]
  20. Truncate - Pseudo V2 [Unreleased]
  21. ROD - Duchi Kaal [HUSH]
  22. Kirill Mamin - Dunning-Kruger Effect [Mistress]
  23. Mark Broom - Drum Jamz 2 [HUSH]
  24. Henning Baer - Code Buster [MANHIGH]
  25. Lando - Ceremony [Mistress]
  26. Strain - Theory [HUSH]
  27. d-56m - Question Authority [Poverty Is Violence]
  28. Anthony Rother - Technic Electric [Psi49Net]
  29. Jeff Mills - The Dancer [Purpose Maker]