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DJ Nigga Fox



very limited 12" + download

Released: 9th Mar 2018


a constantly shapeshifting form of psychedelia made for dancefloors that still manages to spark synapses as a complete listening experience - Yet another beguiling leap forward for the sound of contemporary Lisbon.

The future and history of bleeding edge dance music collide on DJ Nigga Fox’s new CrânioEP, where the relentless young artist crafts an even deeper level of musicality into his innovative, riotous creations. Following his appearance on the seminal CARGAA compilation series, this collection feels deeply fitting for a Warp project, as it manages to un-self-consciously straddle the bass and bleep alchemy of the label’s early club classics while sitting firmly in the artful post-genre nexus of the current roster of artists.



  1. Sinistro
  2. Poderdo Vento
  3. Maria Costa
  4. KRK
  6. KARMA