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Abatwa (The Pygmy): Why Did We Stop Growing Tall?



Released: 18th Aug 2017


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Released: 18th Aug 2017


these Rough-hewn, tribal sonics sound like they’re being performed right in front of us, under the wide Rwandan sky – it’s a unique listen that draws us in.

One-string violins, 11-string harps, haunted solo and duo singing and battery-operated loop machines populate this bewitching music. The Abatwa (“Pygmy”) are one of Africa’s most endangered peoples.


Abatwa (The Pygmy): Why Did We Stop Growing Tall?


  1. Christoph Ntabanganyimana with Bihoyiki Dathive - Sida Ni Mbi (AIDS is Bad)
  2. Emmanuel Hatungimana - Rwanda Nziza (Beautiful Rwanda)
  3. Bihoyiki Dathive - Igira Hino (Come Closer)
  4. Teonesse Majambere - Umuyange (Protect the Environment)
  5. Beatrice Mukarungi - Urwanikamiheto (War Song)
  6. Rosine Nyiranshimiyimana - Umwana W’umuhanda (The Child From The Streets)
  7. Emmanuel Hatungimana - Nzagukorera (I Will Serve)
  8. Ruth Nyiramfumukoye & Patrick Manishimine - Umutesi (I’ll Follow You Until You Kill Me)
  9. Cyabusiko (Night Streetwalker, Who Will Care For My Children?)
  10. Jean Baptiste Kanyambo - Nyirandugu (The Hard Worker)
  11. Emmanuel Habumuremy & Ange Kamagaju - Ihorere (Stop Crying Now)
  12. Ruth Miramfumukoye - Why Did We Stop Growing Tall?