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tony allen

the source

Blue Note


Released: 8th Sep 2017

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Released: 8th Sep 2017


the record’s hybrid nature navigates us to its source in Africa - a journey made with a vitality that makes this record stand apart from others: a superb addition to the legendary drummer’s oeuvre.

Perhaps more than any other title in the catalogue, The Source represents the label's classic era at the same time as it symbolises Blue Note's innovative present. The album achieves this by means of a sound-aesthetic that has total integrity, the result of a scrupulous transcribing of the music using a technology that is exclusively analogue. “There is a delightful unpredictability in the many moments of call and response, stemming largely from a disparate line-up of musicians […] yet the record in its entirety remains anchored by Allen and his mastery of rhythm” 8/10 – line of best fit.


the source


  1. Moody Boy
  2. Bad Roads
  3. Cruising
  4. On Fire
  5. Woro Dance
  6. Tony’s Blues
  7. Wolf Eats Wolf
  8. Cool Cats
  9. Push And Pull
  10. Ewajo
  11. Life Is Beautiful